Past Event

May 5 2012
South Lake Tahoe, NV




Show 7:00PM.
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 10 Redhead Comments

Summer Cecil's picture

Can you please have a show at Bintulu Hotel Sammy? I’d like to watch you perform again in our hotel and we will invite more guests to be part of this event.

ChurchD's picture

Awww I am a great fan of Chickenfoot! No really, I have almost never met any fan of thi band. And that's sad. Cause their music is amazing! ;)


onemorshow's picture


1.Lighten Up
2.Alright Alright
3.Big Foot
4.Sexy Little Thing
5.Soap on a Rope
6.Last Temptation
7.My Kinda Girl
8.Down The Drain
9.Something Gone Wrong
10.Turning Left
11.Future in the Past
12.Come Closer
13.Oh Yeah
14.Rock Candy
15.Different Devil

kindbud's picture

I heard 12 to 4 p.m i plan on getting there by 1 or 2 myself depending how drunk i get the night before.

RedCasper's picture

A few days away and RedCasper is gettin' fired up...

CaboDave99's picture

What time is the pre-party on Saturday?

kindbud's picture

There is going to be a pre-party at the 7 seas hotel parking lot on saturday afternoon They have BBQ for us to use. Dont be shy stop on by.

MattMo916's picture

Looks like a group of us are taking over the Embassy suites and turning it RED for a little pre-party, should be a great weekend

kindbud's picture

Less then a month away and still nobody wants a pre-party?????

kindbud's picture

Were the pre-party going to be held this year. can wait for a beer and bbq before the show.