The unfair treatment of waiting in line ALL day.

May 15, 2012 by paulb055

I went to both the may 4Th & 5Th shows in Tahoe, and I must say the May 4Th show was better. Due to the fact that there wasn't as many "VIP" or meet & greet people there. I understand why people wait in line ALL day just to be able to get the chance to be up front, but then the people with "VIP" or Meet & Greet passes go in first & the GA people get stuck to the sides or in the back. Not everyone can afford these tickets, and I think its unfair.
We are ALL fans of Sammy & the Wabos, and Chickenfoot.
I think if you got the chance to meet them, that's cool, but then the GA people don't get that opportunity. I mean is it too much to ask that they stand in line with the GA people after the M & G. Even people without either pass tried to cut in line. It sucks.

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