Past Event

May 3 2012
South Lake Tahoe, NV


Aaron and The Wabos.


Show 11:00PM. This is a FREE show at the newly remodeled Tahoe Cabo Wabo featuring Aaron Hagar and the Wabos (Sammy won't be there). Aaron, Vic, Mona and Bro will be playing two nights (Wed and Thur) at the Tahoe Wabo before the two night run Chickenfoot will be playing Fri & Sat at Harrah's - come down and make a party of it!


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 8  Redhead Comments

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Aaron & The Wabos Setlist:

1.Rock n Roll Weekend
2.I'll Fall in Love
3.Why Can't This Be Love
4.Rock Candy
6.Heavy Metal
7.Bad Motor Scooter
8.Halfway to Memphis
9.Finish What You Started
10.Space Station #5
11.Sweet Home Alabama
12.Summer of 69

meinanut's picture

Can't wait!!!! The Wabos one night and Chickenfoot the next two!! Come on!!

onemorshow's picture

They changed the showtime to 11pm. each night. :-)

lisa lott's picture

this is gonna be great! I can't hardly wait!!!

hagarox's picture

Is it 8:05 yet? I'm ready to rock!!

kiki's picture

Yay! Wabos in Tahoe : )

kindbud's picture

What these guys got to get up early or something 7:00 p.m is too early push it back to 9 or 10 p.m.

lyndaj009's picture

cannot wait.....gonna be a great weekend for all.