Unfair Treatment of Fans that wait ALL day to get into the shows

April 26, 2013 by paulb055

I went to both the may 4th & 5th shows last year in Tahoe, and I must say the May 4th show was better. Due to the fact that there wasn't as many "VIP" or meet & greet people there. I understand why people wait in line ALL day just to be able to get the chance to be up front, but then the people with "VIP" or Meet & Greet passes go in first & the GA people get stuck to the sides or in the back. Not everyone can afford these tickets, and I think its unfair. We even had people that weren't "VIP" trying to cut in front of us.
We are ALL fans of Sammy & the Wabos, and Chickenfoot.
I hope the treatment of the fans waiting ALL day this year will be better.

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The VIP area is NOT on the floor....It is, and will always be, in the back center and the sitting areas.

What about waiting in line all day to find out that the people in front of you held the spot for their friends...seems about the same as VIP's getting in early to all the people in line behind you. The music of Sammy and The Wabos fill every inch of the show room, every corner with Red Love....so let us be happy and kind to each other...especially the front of the line group that swells from 4 to 40 plus just before the doors open...they didn't do their time in line any more than the VIP's did. And what about the late arrivals that shove and push their way to the front, rudely begging for conflict.....plus.....temporarily injured is not handicapped! I love you all and these SHOW's are My Island! My peaceful breeze.....My place to escape reality...if only for one night....I am whisked away to that Island Sammy makes for us......I leave yearning to do more...to try harder...to stay alive...to feel better....even in this unhappiest of times. Do you really care where you stand or sit when that magic is in the air everywhere....? We all want OUR TURN UPFRONT! Want that close connection...that look in the eye...How about sharing that experience with others and let them upfront and you stand behind them..right behind them.....just occasionally....now that's what I would call fair...and True Red Love.
p.s. Sammy...you still have it....you guys are awesome. Thank You.

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so very true, there should be only one line...if you show up late you stand at the rear of the line...

Later Jeff

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"High rollers" aren't even fans. Just people with money. The diehards who wait in line ALL day should go in first.

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"High Rollers" BAH!!!!

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That's not how the world works! As the saying goes..."Money talks, bullsh*# walks"! LOL! I remember at the Grand Opening what happened! There was almost a riot when the VIP people/High Rollers starting getting in line in a special area in front of the line!
Doug aka "CWG"

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They should w8 in line like everyone else, no matter how much money they have.

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If you're a High Roller, you're already on their Radar! You have been there many times, gambled big money, & maybe won or lost! We're talking big money, thousands to tens of thousands of dollars bet! I know alot of RedHeads & not one of them is a High Roller or Whale! LOL!
Doug aka "CWG"

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How do I pretend 2 b a "high roller"?

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FYI: The line will probably start at about 5:00am or 6:00am the day of shows! Yup, 12 plus hours in line if you want up front!Since there isn't a Meet & Great VIP Ticket Package, the line will form quickly & more people will be in the line than past years! Keep in mind there will be VIP High Rollers that typically will get in first!
Good luck to all!
Doug aka "CWG"

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It will be great down there! Just have fun!!!

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just dont wait in line!!! no one is you forcing you to wait --when you go to A general admission show this is what happens --instead of waiting in line all day--- go to do something fun!!! visit tahoe go gambling -go drinking and have a good time__ you already having negative thoughts!!! me and my friends are not wasting our time waiting in line !!!! we are gonna party are ass off !!!! -we came to party !!! just sayin quit complaining about the vip and meet greets or GO TO RESEVED SEATING SHOW --OH YEAH !!!