Past Event

May 31 2002
DTE Energy Music Theatre
Detroit, Michigan


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM.

This show was part of the Heavyweight Champs of Rock 'N Roll Tour with David Lee Roth.

Sammy Hagar Opened

This show was part of the Heavyweight Champs of Rock 'N Roll Tour with David Lee Roth.

Well, I'm going to give a different take on this show and from the other reviews on this show that I've read. The timing of the show coincided with the Red Wings game and alot of the crowd had that on their minds. The "energy" that the previous reviews keep talking about during Sammy's show came about as news of the Red Wings winning - not solely because of Sammy's stage presence. I do think it's somewhat difficult to encite a crowd when it's broad daylight. That can be a factor for any performer. I've seen Dave solo twice before this show and I've seen Sammy once before this show. I thought that Dave did an excellent job. I thought he looked great, his voice sounded great and he was a true performer. He was there to perform the songs and he sang all the ones I wanted to hear. The crowd around us seemed to be into the music as well and I didn't hear any complaints.

On the other hand, I felt Sammy was all about the party scene. Sure, he sang well when he sang anything, but to me he was just promoting his Cabo Wabo scene and margarita drinks. I was there for the music, not to see his porn collection for the song "Poundcake" and not for all the talking during songs. We sat in the 7th row and the people around us weren't as "into" the music as they were during Dave's set. Maybe it wasn't like that elsewhere in the pavilion. Again, I'm not knocking Sammy too much or saying he wasn't good, but I felt like he was on a marketing kick. Just didn't work for me. Even the guys around me (I'm female) weren't getting into the music or anything.

Again, just my perspective and opinion about this show. I feel Dave's still "got it" and my friends and I felt he was the better performer that night.

We'll see when he comes to Nashville this weekend - I'll be there again.:-)

Thanks to Laurie M. for this review!


Well, we have two guys who both have great songs to work it's up to them to PERFORM them. OK, David Lee comes out, the band sounds good, and DLR just sings along the best he can. He doesn't involve the crowd, doesn't talk to the crowd...all in all the crowd is fairly excited just the hear the good ole VH. I am not sure David Lee knew what city he was in.

Then the man shows up, the headliner for all practical purposes--Sammy. Introduced by a couple other famous Michigander rockers (Nugent and Kid Rock--where was Pam????). Sammy's energy explodes from the first minute. Sammy understands the crowd, he gets on their side right from the beginning by talking up Detroit's beloved Red Wings...and wears their jersey most of the night. He played a great mix of classic VH, solo and Montrose tunes. He also takes time to mix a drink or two with the crowd. He is by far the best performer at a rock concert there is. No one wanted this show to end.

Thank you Sammy!

Thanks to Chris Allen for this review!


Hagar proved he *is* the undisputed champion of Rock and Roll In Motown last night in front of 20,000 at the DTE Energy Music Theater. No doubt, no question.


I went into this with an open mind. I never had the chance to see Roth with VH, so I was actually a little excited about seeing the "Diamond One" perform. That excitement waned within the first half hour, as I looked at my wife's watch and couldn't believe we had to listen to this guy for another 60 minutes. Dave tried hard, but came up short. It was obvious from the go that Mr. Roth thinks very highly of himself. His all black stage setup contrasted heavily with his silver suit. He certainly made sure he was the center of attention. Oh, and Dave ... I really don't want to see you pretend to masturbate on stage and blow a load of Jack Daniels all over the crowd. It was really kind of frightening to watch.

It was kind of fun to hear all the old VH tunes, and Dave did do an "ok" job vocally, but the band needs to rehearse a little more, don't use the first few shows of the tour to tighten up fellas.


Local Hero Ted Nugent and up and comer Kid Rock introduced the Red Rocker to a crowd ready for something a little more. From the opening riffs of "Red" through the next hour and a half, it was obvious who was in control, and who is the highlight of this tour. Sammy ripped through his set with his usual party attitude, and delivered the best show I've seen him perform in years. The "Waborita's" have become a seasoned unit, never "missing a beat", and how can you have a bad time as Sammy works the crowd, high-fiving and hand slapping those up front fanatics at every chance?


Sammy Hagar by a knock out!

We had a blast, and it was great seeing everyone. Paul "Bear" Dawson, Jon and Melody Dunphy, Dave and Shani Russell, Jamie, Bill (The sloooshed kid) Kennedy, Linda (VHGirl) and Mark, as usual, it was a blast. I wish we had more time to catch up on things, but that damn Motown traffic!!! I still didn't get to meet a few "Motown" folks, maybe next time, and I wish we could have found you Mary Ann ... but damn, the house was PACKED!!!

Another awesome night with good friends, and rock and roll.

Thanks to Mark for this review!


David Lee Roth opened the show in Detroit and sounded great. Having never seen DLR in concert I did not know what to expect. Some of the flash and flare that he was known for started coming out at the end of his set. Seeing Dave was fun, and real experience. I knew from local radio coverage on 101.1 WRIF that Dave was coming with both barrels blazing that he did not want to be outperformed by Sammy. Diamond Dave did put on a good show.

Kid Rock and Ted Nugent introduced Sammy to the audience. Dave may have come out with both barrels blazing, but Sammy came out with heavy artillery. With his smile from ear to ear, Sammy began to rock the DTE Energy Music Theatre (Pine Knob) like I have not seen in years. Sammy looked to be having a great time on stage, but the crowd was transforming itself. They had their fists in the air and people were signing along to the songs. The crowd was really fired up and enjoying themselves.

Sammy played bartender and had his usual attractive waitstaff on hand. Waboritas were being served to the Cantina audience and Sammy shared with fans in the front row of the stage as well. Even Ted Nugent claimed that Sammy got him drunk on Waboritas after 53 years of sobriety.

The show lasted for almost 2 hours. Sammy played right until 11 PM which is the deadline for acts at DTE. Ted Nugent came out for the final song of the encore and played Wild Thing. Ted Nugent played on a guitar that was painted like an American Flag. Sounded like the amps got turned up just a little too! Unfortunately, time was working against the crowd and Sammy had to get off stage.

I am a Hagar fan to the bone, and perhaps DLR fans at this show will think otherwise, but Sammy really put on a hell of a show. Sammy sounded good, looked good, and the crowd loved him for it. Hagar was on his game last night, and left myself and my wife very satisfied concert guests. To me, his song rings true. "There is only one way to rock".

Thanks Sammy.

Thanks to Shawn Yost for this review!



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