Past Event

May 29 2002
Blossom Music Center
Cleveland, Ohio


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

This show was part of the Heavyweight Champs of Rock 'N Roll Tour with David Lee Roth.

David Lee Roth Opened

They opened in Cleveland, and I had to be there. Missed Dave on his tenure with VH, so it was great to see those songs done, even if DLR is on the downslide of his career. Still a great show, but he was showing his age.

Sammy, on the other hand, kicked some serious ass! His voice was great, the band was tight, and very few pot-shots at either his tour-mate or former band. Bringing the fans up on the stage was a nice touch. Showed that Sammy is really a man of the people, and he really seems to enjoy what he is doing.

I am hoping to take my wife on a vacation shortly, someplace where the white sands sure make a tan look nice! I'm not allowed to drink tekillya, but I had to sip the Cabo, and OH MY. Very smooth.

Thank you Sammy for stayin' true. Caught the opener at Blossom, Nautica for Marching to Mars, both 5150 and OU812 at Richfield, Monsters of Rock in Akron, Gund Arena for OU812, F.U.C.K and Balance. There IS only ONE way to Rock, THANK YOU FROM CLEVELAND!


We've been waiting to see Sammy live again for a long time, and he was WELL WORTH THE WAIT! My husband and I had never seen Dave live, so that was an added bonus. All in all, though it was awesome to hear some classic Van Halen live by Dave, Sammy blew him out of the water!!!

Sammy's voice was stronger, we loved hearing the stories behind some of the songs and he was just phenomenal -- felt like we were at his house for a party!!!

We've sinced moved to Ft. Lauderdale and are hoping to catch the show again (where Sammy closes) at the Mars Music Amp!

Thanks to Paul L. and Melanie for the reviews and Jim N' Rhea Nelson for the set list!



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This was the 1st show of the "Sam & Dave" tour, right? I'll never forget Dave coming out in those blue stretch pants and attempting a high leg kick (like the old days). It barely got over his waist and we all laughed our asses off! Maybe he should have stretched a little more beforehand. Sammy was by far the better of the two that night. Rocked the house, as always!