Ready For Competition As Tour Kicks Off

May 29, 2002

David Lee Roth & Sammy Hagar Ready For
Competition As Tour Kicks Off

Wed May 29,12:57 PM ET
(5/29/02, 1 p.m. ET) -- The Sammy Hagar/David Lee Roth co-headlining tour
kicks off Wednesday (May 29) at the Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls,
Ohio. It's the first time the two former Van Halen frontmen have ever shared
a stage, and there's been some persistent talk about whether or not Roth and
Hagar will be able to co-exist on the road. While neither man will deny that
he has an ego, both said it's nothing personal and that ticket holders will
be the ultimate beneficiaries.

Hagar said, "This is (a) pretty competitive tour. I think I'm gonna try my
best, do the best show I've ever done in my life every night, and I'm sure
Dave's gonna do that times 10 as well, and I think it's gonna make for great
entertainment for the fans that come. They're gonna see probably the best of
us ever. With all those hits, I just can't imagine walking away

Roth echoed those sentiments. "In terms of what you see on the deck up
there, there's a rivalry, and between us the audience gets the absolute best
out of both of us. The rivalry does not extend...any rivalry there may have
been, well certainly nothing can't be cured without a little Cabo Wabo

The current itinerary ends on June 29 at the Gorge in George, Washington,
but there are currently discussions about extending the trek and including
some dates in the Eastern U.S.

-- Bruce Simon, New York, and Neal Weiss, Los Angeles


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Come on guys lets have this tour in the uk