Past Event

Jul 7 1999
ARCO Arena
Sacramento, California


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM.

The Red Voodoo Tour

The Cabo Wabo In Sacramento.

Sammy was in great spirits being so close to home. Kari is also from Sacramento so it made the night even more special. Sammy took the stage about 7:55 and rocked Arco till about 10:25. Sammy took time out to sing Happy birthday to both Victor and Jesse who's birthdays were days apart. He ran through alot of the great songs he has made famous solo and with Van Halen. He told us about the inspiration for right now which came to him at 3:00 in the am in Eddie's studio after everyone had left but Eddie and Sammy. Saying that year had been a hard one for him and he came up with what is important is right now.

He also told the story about Mona and how he didn't want a women in the band because they always wound up taking control. But when she rode up on her pink Harley and played Bass for him he knew she was it. Sammy also had fun with the waitresses that came out with a little bit of flirting and one grab of the female anatomy that he said Kari would probably use the scissors on him if he kept it up. Also Jennifer from Colorado was there and Sammy pulled her up on stage when he recognized her. Sammy said she has been to all the birthday bashes and always makes him a homemade present. I have been to all the Sammy shows in Sacramento since the days of Montrose and this ranks right up there as one of the best. The highlight of the evening was Mas Tequilla which proves the new music is popular with the fans and my longstanding favorite Heavy Metal with Mona taking the spotlight on the verse she holds her own with the boys.

Thank You Sammy! Sacramento is Red Rocker Country!

Thanks to Wes Mulholland for the review and Jeff Green for the set list.


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