Past Event

Jul 4 1999
Glen Helen Blockbuster
San Bernadino, California


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM.

The Red Voodoo Tour

Thanks to Larry Benson for the set list.


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 3  Redhead Comments

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Hi DJ Dave,

Right you are! The description of the show has been updated, and the ARCO arena show is up, which was on July 7th. Thanks for the catch!

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Sammy on the 4th just rocked. This tour was even better than
Marching to Mars. It was more like a party than a concert. It had a great
vibe to it. I had a great seat. I was in the 5th row in Orchestra 3. I was
off to the side. I was right in front of the big blow up Cabo Wabo Bottle. I
was real close to Sammy.
He came on at 8:25 and played til 10:45. Then they had the fireworks show
right after until 11pm.
I had a lot of highlights. Heavy Metal is always my #1 highlight. I really
liked the "early" part of the set with the Cabo Wabo opening, Revival, Three
Lock Box, One Way To Rock, and I'll Fall in Love Again. I thought it was
awesome when they jammed Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love. That rocked. The Double
shot of Montrose was awesome. Bad Motor Scooter right into Rock
I think the part of the set that got the crowd the loudest was when he did
Little White Lie, then went right into Mas Tequila. The crowd was real loud
during this part. He did Marching to Mars during the encore, and he had
everybody that was on stage with him in the "club part" of the stage follow
him in a conga line around the stage. That was cool. He brought out his Mom
at the end of the show.
Victor Johnson f**kin' kicked ass. I was right in front of him the whole
night. He did a great job, as well as the others.
Sammy told some more of his "growing up in Fontana" stories. He talked
about the Inland Empire a lot during the show. I love it when he does that
stuff. He was real funny up there on stage. He was ordering up all the
Waboritas from the hot chicks. He was trying on all the clothes that were
thrown up there, holding up all the banners, he did it all. He took a couple
of minutes to let the fans know how important the area is to him, and how
KCAL is always there for him, and how he always looks forward to coming back
home. That was real cool.
Overall, the show was great. one of the best shows I have ever seen him
do. He looked like he was just having a blast up there. He was in top form
the whole night. Great party.

Derek Jackson

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This show was at ARCO ARENA... not Glen Helen.