Past Event

Jul 8 1999
Concord Pavillion
Concord, California


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

The Red Voodoo Tour

The show opened of course with Cabo Wabo and the open air arena wasn't even half full yet. It was still daylight and many people thought he wouldn't start until it got dark. From the beginning I knew the crowd would be a big part of the show. Sammy jokingly scolded people who were walking down the isles late. Almost immediately the stage started to fill up with bed sheet size banners being hucked up from the crowd. It's so good to see that Sammy's fans love him so much. That only comes because it's quite obvious that he loves his fans. The best thing about a Sammy show is how much fun he has with the people. He just loves to be up there. I can't say that Mick Jagger seemed to be having any fun at all ( he was working). Sammy doesn't work,,, he parties!!!

  Eventually the place got totally full and before long everyone was singing all the words to all the songs. The place was rocking! We jammed our brains out to many of the classics like "I can't drive 55" and "I'll fall in love again" right on through to the best of the Van Halen songs. Sammy had us all sweaty and hoarse when he decided to slow it down for the most incredible and heart tugging  rendition of "Where eagles fly."

Music gives us many emotions ranging from happy,sad,loving,laughing,hoping and crying. I've never quite experienced the feeling of that moment as I did during this song. A moment before our hearts were in our throats from the frenzy and energy of heavy metal rocking, then as swiftly as being turned upside down on a roller coaster, our hearts were in our hands and it was all one could do to keep from shedding a tear. There was an erie sense of adrenaline knowing that we were there not just watching but participating with a performer who was capable of reaching so far down into us with such wide scope. This show literally left my girlfriend speechless and left me wishing that I could live just a little while longer in that moment.

  I cant' say that everyone will love Sammy as much as we do but there sure seems to be a hell of a lot us out there. Chances are, if you are reading this it is because you are already a Sammy fan, but if you haven't ever seen him live than I recommend you get your ass in line for some tix and if none are left than pay whatever any scalper wants for them, they are worth every penny and then some.

Thanks to Neil Case for the review and Darin B. Chace for the set list.



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