Past Event

Jul 10 1999
Showplace at Portland Meadows
Portland, Oregon


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM.

The Red Voodoo Tour

Normally, when Sammy starts his shows, the outside CaboWabo curtain is up, and the stage people are behind the curtain.  Apparently it must have been too windy, because the outside curtain was tied open, and when us stage people walked up on stage, the crowd started was great!  They knew that the show was about to start.

Eva, my hubby Eric  and I got  a place right on the end of the risers on Victor's side.  Great view!  We held our banner up  (the one we fought over in Kansas City).. and the crowd cheered again  :)  Too cool!  We hung up a T-shirt from our favorite radio staion Rock 98.3 The Twins, that Eric added "REDHEADS" to.  A few minutes later, Sammy & the Waboritas take the stage.. and the crowd goes wild.  It was so awesome... to see what Sammy sees every night when he takes the stage.    You know that phrase "You look at every face in a crowd.. some shine and some keep you guessing"  It's true!  You could see all the shining faces.. :)  Among them in the very front were our REDheads! Needless to say... the music ROCKED!  I tell ya, Sammy & the Waboritas are a well-oiled machine!  They had so much fun, and the interaction with the crowd is like no other band I've ever seen.   I know I won't be able to remember everything, but here is what I *do* remember: After the first song, Vic asked if our friends made it in OK.  I gave him the thumbs up & pointed to our friends next to us.  He was like "Right on!" The band was really having fun.  Several rolls of toilet paper made it up to the stage, and Sammy, Vic and David took turns throwing them back out into the crowd.  A few beachballs made it up too, but out of nowhere, a GIANT beachball made it up on stage.. and Sammy rolled around with it on stage.. leaning on top of it, sitting on it.. it was half the height he was!

Ron (O'Doulie) had taught me the sign language  for "Mental Masturbation" before the show.. (a jerking-off motion on your forehead.. lol!)  and during "One Way to Rock"... I looked at him & we both did the Mental Masturbation sign... Ron had a big 'ol grin on his face, and I started laughing!  His son was too busy watching Sammy to even notice.  ;)

Eva and I were really rockin' out, enjoying the show, and Sammy comes up to Eva..puts his arm around her, and asks her if she's having a good time! "YEAH!!" she shouts!  :)  He gave her a big hug, then looked over her shoulder at me.. and *I* got a big hug too!   Ahhhhhhh!!

Then, during SHAG.. he's singing, "You make me wanna..."   and puts the mic up to Eva & I, and we got to sing "SHAG YOU BABY!!"   :)   Then he pulls Eva off the risers to dance with him during Shag.  At first Eva didn't wanna go, because she was afraid Security would throw her off stage.  (We were explicitly told not to leave the railing.  She started to say "But they told me not....."  and Sammy goes "It's MY concert!"... and pulls her on stage. She did a great job "shagging" with Sammy!

Someone threw up a joint, and our friend Scott got to light it for Sammy. While he's trying to light it.. Vic runs back there, and in a fake authority voice.. yells... "What're you doing, Mother fuc**r!!  Too funny! There were some wild people in the crowd!  A few guys from the crowd snuck on stage, only to be quickly grabbed and rushed off by security.  The security at the show did a hell of a job keeping order.  We only noticed one or two topless women at this show, much to disappointment of the men in our group..  :P

Stuff was flying up onto the stage from everywhere!  Who put that substance in the tupperware container on the stage?.... Eddie!!?

Those of us in the stage audience were being served gatorade in dixie cups, so when Sammy had his Waborita glass.. we assumed it was fake too.  Sammy gave Eva (who is not a drinker) his glass to take a drink out of.. she took a big 'ol gulp.  She swears it had tequila in it.. but she said it was reaaaally good!  She handed it to me, and I took a sip.  Sammy saw this, and looked at like he was shocked!  I tried to hand the glass back to him, but he motioned for me to pass it along, so I did.  I don't know where the glass went from there.

At one point in the show, I found big Jim Goodwin standing behind me in his super secret REDhead disguise... heheh!   He tapped me on the shoulder and offered me his water bottle.  Little did I know it was straight tequila!! Whew!  I almost choked on the stuff.  He said something about that being alchohol abuse.. lol!

A nekkid blow up sex doll made it onto the stage.  Sammy grabbed it, and feighned making out with it.  It then made it on top of David Lausers shoulders for awhile.

Sammy talked about how much he loved his fans... how they are his family. He said he didn't care if he made any new ones.  He said "if any new fans want to come to my shows.. they're gonna have to ask YOUR permission!" During the encore, we all got to march around the stage during "Marching to Mars".  Very cool! .. except you really had to watch your step with all the t-shirts, bras, panties, and other paraphanelia that made it to the stage. The stage totally looked like a major party happening.. which of course, it WAS!

Sammy ended the show with sizzling "Right on Right".. and at the end of the song said "REDHEAD RULE!"  seveal times.   Before he left the stage, he autographed Eva's bracelet, my REDhead/Rock98.3 T-shirt, Scott's shirt, and Michelle's shirt (that she was wearing).  After Sammy signed his name on Michelle, he added 2 dots, right where.. um.. well, strategically  placed on her chest.. lol!

Thank you Sammy, Vic, and the Waboritas for making this a most incredible night for us!  It is one that I'll *never*  forget!  WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Thanks to Lisa Chandler for the review and Ron Graupman for the set list.



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