Past Event

May 9 1999
House of Blues
North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM.

The Red Voodoo Tour

!!!! MAS SAMMY !!!! What else can be said? Sam the man and his kick ass waborita family tore down the house of blues last night !!!!!

Man oh man, was this trip ever worth it. Despite a cancelled flight that left me at home Friday night, I eventually got to MB mid-morning on Saturday. Spent part of the afternoon wandering Ocean Blvd. ("down on the beach", where the Shag was invented, ya know) and because it's HARLEY WEEK, checking out thousands and thousands of kick ass bikes... this is the biggest event outside of Sturgis... Chatted with a couple of other SHMLers once I finally got to my hotel and eventually went out to sample some of the local nightlife.

Sunday afternoon everybody decided standing in line to get the best spots for the show was a better idea than dinner, so we took turns making bar runs for beverages at the HOB, checking out everyone's cool sammy stuff... signing banners (thanks to Dana for the kick ass REDHEAD banner!) ... many thanks to LisaA for the great nametags too! When the doors finally opened, everybody rushed to find their favorite spot. For most, of course, that was right up front, where we could just barely reach over the barricade to touch the stage.... The opening act - Eddie Bush Group - was actually quite good. A regional blues act that did a great cover of Eric Johnson, a great Zeppelin jam, and some cool blues tunes. Then after about a 15 minute set change... the curtains opened to reveal SAMMY and friends... toasting some waboritas and eventually doing the Cabo Wabo singalong with Victor on guitar.... THEN the show really kicked into high gear...

I'm not one to write down setlists so I'll let somebody else do that, but suffice to say that everything great was played, including Top of the World (which I hadn't heard live in 6 years, very kickass)... no Poundcake but we got Why Can't This Be Love and Right Now.. Little White Lie (with a great George Thouroughood intro), Both Sides Now, rock candy, bad motor scooter, heavy metal, i can't drive 55, one way to rock, red, mas tequila... returning the wish, eagles fly ("by popular demand"), oh damn what else... can't think...

Got Lisa's sammy car signed and a couple high fives. Two girls got to dance onstage, supposedly after giving Sammy a little tittie show, but I missed that part {damn! LOL} .... the place was PACKED and it was rockin' hard..... but all too soon, it was over. A solid 2 hour performance.

Thanks to Mike Russell for this review and Doug Dougherty for the set list.



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