Past Event

May 7 1999
Beale Street Music Festival
Memphis, Tennessee


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM.

The Red Voodoo Tour

Just made it back from Memphis---only an 11 and half hours from Cleveland!!! Spent 23 hours in Memphis and 23 on the road!! More than worth it!!!! Went to the show with Kari(New Orleans)--she works for thecompany that booked the show--so we had back stage passes!!! She finally got to meet THE MAN!!

We got there around 8:00 and finally got to see him around 10:00!! Kari was wearing her yellow Cabo shirt--Sammy of course said "hey nice shirt!"---he hung out with her for a few minutes and took a picture with her---he was so cool, there other people buggin him but he took his time and made sure she got her picture!! He had his shirt on--he didnt see that I had mine on too, so I pointed it out and said I liked his shirt too---he high fived me and I said "oh cool--man its kind of embarrasing though!! He of course noticed my yard glass--and once again--shared his Waborita--he just happened to have one with him! I tried to get him to wear the red shades that he wore at the Cleveland Hard Rock--he put them on for a second but he said he would be able to see anything out there!!

He stuck around for a few minutes to sign a few things people were shoving in his face--I didnt get anything signed---I hate asking for anything--just hangin with him for a second is plenty!! Once again the man was amazing--he really went out of his way just to say hi to a couple of fans. Of course Kari and I were able to work our way up to the front row for the show---the show was unbelievable!!!

I have to agree with the comment that the sound was perfect throughout the show!! Definitly was pumped the hear him open up with CW again--wasnt sure if he would cause if the 1st show. "Top of the World" sounded perfect--Vic was really on it!! I really loved the little twist he puts on Eagles Fly--a little more rockin towards the end---it was a great way to end the show!! 25 more days till Cleveland!!! Sammy----thanks again for going out of your way for a couple of RedHeads!! See ya in Cleveland!!

Thanks to Michael Griffiths for this review.


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I was there and this show was excellent. I had backstage passes but decided this family near me was so amazing that I have my backstage passes to them. I heard they went backstage and ate BBQ with the band. I'd like to find them and hear that story! I hope they read this and say hello. :-)