Past Event

May 10 1999
Hard Rock Cafe Houston
Houston, Texas


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM. This was a private event.

We were right in front of the stage. We REDheads got pretty obnoxious waiting for the show to start, signing Mas Tequila VERY loud!!! I'm sure everyone was wondering who the hell we were! LOL! I wore a red bikini top, shorts and the yellow Cabo shirt Sammy always wears, and had written in red marker RED HEAD on my stomach!!! When they all came on stage, David and Sammy were standing in front of me. David looked down, saw my stomach, pointed to me and told Sammy to check it out. He looked and laughed, pointing at me!!!

I had a REDhead banner done, and we all signed it. It said WWW.REDROCKER.COM, The REDheads Are Here, WWW.WATCHINGYOURBACK.COM, RED VOODOO. I threw it up after he walked on stage. He held it up for everyone to see, then tied it around it his waist!!!!! It was the only banner there.......I couldn't believe it! Then Kat (Kat M) and I and two of our other friends, not REDheads, gave him these red bead necklaces with crawfish on them. I gave mine to Sammy, and he put it on and slapped my hand!!!

Then Kat, Rene and Jana threw theirs up and he put them on Vic, Mona and Jesse.........unfortunately we only had 4......Sammy looked at us for the fifth one, and we said we only had four!!! He said, "Don't you guys know bands usually come with drummers!!!" LOL!!!! Sorry David!!!! Then he looked down at his, checking out the crawfish, and looked at us and we yelled RED VOODOO!!! He laughed and gave us the thumbs up! Fans were giving him Cabo Tequila shots left and right! He got soooooo smashed! He was cracking us up! He actually forgot part of the words to one of the songs! I can't remember which one though. A girl next to me (Sandy)had 2 coozies from Cabo that she got him to sign, and I got him to sign a promotional poster I had just nabbed from the girl's bathroom!!

My friends Rene and Jana have been to Cabo the last 6 years, and did a poster with a picture of them with Sammy's brother Bob and his nephew. They also always bring bottles of Texas made red wine, which they always give to Bob to give to Sammy. They gave Sammy 2 bottles last night, and told him they were the ones who always brought it to Cabo for him and gave it to Bob. He said Bob never gave him any wine!!!! LOL! He also held up the poster and said, "You know, this isn't right. I'm the rockstar, and my brother gets all the p**y!!! Then he walked over to Rene, leaned down, and kissed her right on the mouth!!! I thought she was going to faint!!! You go girl!!!

Then, while he was singing "Your Love is Driving Me Crazy", I held up the Cabo promotional poster the band had all signed when the show was cancelled, he came over and took it, looked at it then looked down at me and I said, "I need yours!", so he bent down, handed me the microphone so he could keep signing, and signed it for me!!!!!! Woohooo..........2 autographs in one night!!!!

Sammy's the Man!!! He was very good, as usual, about giving autographs, especially during the last 2 songs. I know most of the REDheads got one, including Michelle!!! At the end of the show, he acknowledged all his REDheads, saying we were the best, no one compared to HIS REDheads!!!! You go Sammy! Needless to say, Sammy and the Waboritas ROCKED the hell out of Houston! He also announced the next single, "Shag"! And that he'd be here again June 27!!!! Can't wait Sammy!!!! See ya there!!!

Thanks to Lanette for this review and Donna for the set list!



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