Past Event

May 28 1999
Coca Cola Starplex
Dallas, Texas


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM.

The Red Voodoo Tour

May 28th will be a night I will never forget, talk about awesome!!! Let me think where to start...First off, I have been on AOL about 2 years now, and regularly play NTT (name that tune)....its a guess song by lyrics chat room...and over the span of time have taken alot of flack from fellow "tuners" about my love of Sammy's, I have tried to convert a few of em.....Anyway, through all this, we "tuners" have become like a little family, not unlike this list. A fellow "tuner friend" of mine, who I had never met, lives in Dallas. He knows what a huge Sammy fan I am...

Anyway, he happened to know the guy that was the promoter of the "Big Freaking Deal"...and I asked if he could get my husband and me tickets to the Dallas show....Well...not only did he get us a pair of tickets, he also got us passes to the this place called the Icehouse, there at the Starplex, which is like a little bar, (air conditioned) AND a pair of MEET and GREETS (they could only be won off the Eagle radio station)....I was so nervous!!!!

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity!!!about 30 of us were taken to a small room to wait in to meet Sammy...they lined us up around the room and gave us all a RED VOODOO CD and said "one autograph per person"...after about 5 minutes in came Sammy...(I let out a huge scream!!! I was shaking, I was so excited!!!) I was towards the end of the line...when he was about 1/2 way down the line, I screamed again...he looks over at me and was so nervous!! Anyway, when he is about 5 people from me, he looks my way and I scream again...he looks at me, shakes his finger and says "I can see you're gonna be trouble" and gives me one of his huge Sammy grins...I almost fell over!!...He gets to my husband, and I am going nuts!!!he was right in front of me!!!...My husband had on a ballcap from our local little league, and told Sammy that my son (who is 10) is a big fan too, so Sammy signs the cap for my son, and then signs the pass my husband had on his shirt...THEN!!!!Sammy is standing right in front of me!!! He opens up his arms and gives me a huge hug!!! It was so awesome!!!

I'm rambling to him about how us Houston RedHeads waited outside the Hard Rock Cafe without tickets and how they let us in, and how I love his music...and then I'm getting him to sign my new Sammy shirt I had just tried to sign it with this silver roller ball marker he had, but I insisted he sign it with my RED signs his name and under it writes RED RULES...I then got TWO more hugs from him!!!! I was shaking like a leaf!!!!, it was awesome!!! Sammy, THANK YOU!!! They wouldn't let us take any pictures...but, thats ok..LOL!!! Gosh, this is longer than I intended it to be.

The show in Dallas was awesome, had seats about 20 rows back in the center section. From what I had read on the net page, I thought there were gonna be tables and chairs on the stage, there weren't...There was a group of people behind Sammy on the stage, on like stairs (like the pictures of Cabo Wabo)...I believe they were all contest winners...Sammy opened up with Cabo Wabo going into Revial..he talked to the audience alot!! he also mentioned his "RedHeads" and "NetHeads" several times...his voice was crystal clear last night!!! It was a GREAT show!!! Here is the setlist..I wrote it all down, in order....

Cabo Wabo, Revival, 3 Lock Box, Only One Way To Rock, I'll Fall In Love Again, Standing On Top Of The World, Rock Candy, High and Dry, Right Now, Both Sides Now, Finish What You Started, Little White Lies, Mas Tequilla, Shag, Why Can't This Be Love, I Can't Drive 55, RED, Whole Lotta Love, Bad Motor Scooter, Marching To Mars, and Returning Of The Wish....

He said he wished he could play his regular 3 hours, but that they said he had to go after playing, I am guessing that this set list is going to increase....(sure hope he includes "Heavy Metal" on the 3 hour for the Houston show!!!) Thanks for listening to my rambling, hope you enjoyed reading the was a night I will never forget and one I will cherish forever!!

Thanks to Donna for the set list!



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 2  Redhead Comments

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I was there that night myself with my then 10 year old youngest son. Incredible show. Thanks for providing the set list.

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wow!! Can't believe my review is still online!! This was a great night! :) donna