Past Event

May 29 1999
All Sports Stadium
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM.

The Red Voodoo Tour

WOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! What an awesome show Sammy put on last night in Oklahoma City!!!!

We arrived in OKC about 3...headed over to Dennis' house to meet up with some fellow REDheads. It was great meeting you guys!!! (Dennis, Margie, Maryann, Jeff, Martin, and his nephew.) Dennis, Martin, and man...i'm sorry I can't remember your nephew's name Martin...but anyway.......these guys put on a little show for us...we had a jam session at Dennis' house. THESE guys are so talented...they can downright play guitar!!!! ( why do you have a blue voodoo? Shouldn't it be red. LOL) I think Dennis can play every Hagar song any rate...they all knew how to riff out some Hagar!!!!!!! It was wesome...could have just listened to you all night!!!! Well Okay......I wanted to hear Sammy play...but if Sammy wasn't available, you'd do. LOL

Dennis is a man of many talents....Emeril look out!!!! We know who makes all of Emeril's secret's dennis. Those wings rocked!!!!!! ready for a cookoff with Dennis???...cause I tell's some pretty stiff competition!!! LOL

Anyway, off to the was was outstanding!!!!! First off...zen was with me and I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time. Well, I was with Paula, waiting at the gate so that she could go backstage and do her business. Mona walked up and said..."what are you doing over here?" She then opened the fence and pulled Paula in and then kinda reached for me cause she knew I was with Paula. It was awesome!!!! Paula went and talked to Sammy and I was standing outside of the bldg where Sammy was.....and I got the opportunity to talk to jessie and mona and david. Also got to see members of jackyl and the nixons. But the best part of course was when Sammy walked out...I wasn't going to say anything to him...I was just standing there trying to be cool...cause hey..mona had let me in. LOL

And then the Sammy moment happened...he was walking by to go do a radio interview...he stopped...looked at me....and just pointed and said...HEYYYY....and grabbed me to give me a hug. I was wearing my REDhead shirt...I genuinely think he saw that REDhead shirt and thought..hey..this is one of my people. He went on to do his interview...and that was about it. BUT..that hug was all that I needed.

Now..onto the show......the last concert I saw was at Cape Girardeau, MTM tour.....NOV, 1997. It just amazes me how each performance gets better and better. I thought nothing could top Cape.....but dang....this one blew me away. Victor was jamming.....Mona was rocking....she even did a bass solo!!!!!! She kicks some major ass!!!!! She has this new's pink with woody woodpecker on it. She was just can't say enough nice things about MONA.......she is the bomb!!!!!! Victor man.....I love that new look....the are the man!!!!! You were right on last night...solid jammin!!!

Speaking of new looks.....David is sporting a new look...he's cut his hair a bit..not tooo much.....but it looks good. He was jamming too...did an awesome drum solo. And Jesse, well...what can I say..this man is always on target!!!! Gives me chills during RIGHT always. Oh man....and I can't forget Sammy!! Well, lets just say he gave 120% as usual!!!!!

So, there you have it...another stellar performance by Sammy and the Waborita's!!!

Thanks to Jenni for the set list and review!



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It was a wonderful concert and so wonderful to meet everyone at Dennis' home. A great show to cap off a very trying time for us!!!

Thanks everybody!!