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July 03, 2010 by roknjane95 
Naperville Ribfest Show

Last night, I got to see Sammy for the first time, and It was the best concert I've ever been to! Standing for three hours and paying twelve bucks was definitely worth it! I'm glad I got to go. My dad and I had an awesome time, (and to tell you the truth I think he had more fun than I did)! Sammy is the greatest!

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July 03, 2010 by Sparticus 
Where was Jesse Harms?

Yet another excellent show. I've seen about a dozen shows and this one was near flawless. Where was Jesse Harms the keyboardist? Does anyone know?

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July 03, 2010 by diggyd 
Sammy's B-Day Bash!

Only 97 days to Cabo!!!

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July 02, 2010 by 
Red Rocker Rock Naperville
Red Rocker Rock Naperville

Waht an incredible show! So sad that it is over. 20,000 people at a backyard BBQ with Sammy as the entertainment. Can't get any better than that! Would love to see this an annual event!

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July 02, 2010 by joziem025 
Ribfest Naperville

How Awsome is the night. Sammy in IL miles away from my house and it was great. I did not realize how many people where behind me. I was on the left side of the stage second person to the fence that was about 10 feet from the stage. When same played the slide guitar he was directly in front of me. So much fun!!!! Naperville you ROCK!!

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