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July 03, 2010 by patrickv005 
Birthday Bash Has Been Announced!

Well, Redheads, the Birthday Bash 2010 has been announced and I'm pretty stoked! I've already got my hotel and airline tickets.

We'll be staying at the Playa Grande this year because Solmar is being rebuilt. For those of you who never stayed at the Solmar, it was the last bastian of old Cabo San Lucas hotels. Small and outdated, but all the hotel rooms had patios ON the beach. That's something you just can't get anymore. Playa Grande is Vegas BIG. I guess I should just embrace change and move on.

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July 03, 2010 by Brian003 
Sammy Live in '81 Quincy IL and 2 Nights ago in St. Louis!

Hey ya'll. I saw Sammy in 1981 in Quincy IL back in 1981 when the station KQCA (album rock for the 80's! it changed format later that summer -what a bummer)sponsored Sammy Hagar at Quincy College auditorium which seats about 3000 or so. He blew the house down and what amazed me the most was that slide metal guitar he brought out in between songs. At the time I had no idea what kinda guitar it was but it totally blew me away. Sammy entertained the crowd just as he did 2 nights ago in St. Louis. I've always loved Sammy Hagar music.

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July 03, 2010 by 5150CaboJason 
Naperville Ribfest

I am 14 eyars old and last night was my first show seeing Sammy. IT WAS AMAZING!!!! i knew all of the words to all of the songs and i hope to see sammy again whether its with The Wabos or with Chickenfoot!!! if anyone remembers me i was the kid with my dad and i was close to the stage and i was wearing an AC/DC hat.

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July 03, 2010 by rwp1967 
Naperville Ribfest Show

It had been awhile since seeing Sammy and damn if he didn't put on the same show I'm used to seeing. Awesome as always. Was the 10th time seeing him in some capacity and the shows never get old. Only one question? Why no "Trans Am".

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July 03, 2010 by PapaBearRedHawk 
Ribfest Napperville IL (or do u say Naperville)

Was there last night 7/2/10. Sammy and the Wabos rocked the house! Son's 1st concert was a red kicking rocker. He's now a Sammy and Wabo fan! Tell u Sammy u have fun up there and make it fun for us!!



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