St. Louis Set List!

July 03, 2010 by Brian003
St. Louis Set List!
This Is The Set List in St. Louis!

1. Turn Up The Music
2. I Can't Drive 55
3. There's Only One Way To Rock!
4. Space Station No.5
5. Bad Motor Scooter
6. Heavy Metal
7. Mas Tequila
8. I've Done Everything For You
9. You're Love Is Driving Me Crazy
10. 3 Lock Box
..... ill post the rest if i can remember them lol

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Hey Brian, I found the setlist for Thursdays show. Thanks for posting the picture.

Turn Up The Music
I Can't Drive 55
One Way to Rock
Why Can't This Be Love
Montrose Medley
I've Done Everything For You
Three Lock Box
Whole Lotta Zep
The Girl Gets Around
I'll Fall In Love Again
Your Love is Driving Me Crazy
Eagles Fly
Heavy Metal
Mas Tequlia
Fight For Your Right To Party
Right Now
Best of Both Worlds
Sexy Little Thing
Finish What Ya Started