Sammy Live in '81 Quincy IL and 2 Nights ago in St. Louis!

July 03, 2010 by Brian003

Hey ya'll. I saw Sammy in 1981 in Quincy IL back in 1981 when the station KQCA (album rock for the 80's! it changed format later that summer -what a bummer)sponsored Sammy Hagar at Quincy College auditorium which seats about 3000 or so. He blew the house down and what amazed me the most was that slide metal guitar he brought out in between songs. At the time I had no idea what kinda guitar it was but it totally blew me away. Sammy entertained the crowd just as he did 2 nights ago in St. Louis. I've always loved Sammy Hagar music. Flash forward to my life today and I had no idea what to do on vacation in July I decided "i'm gonna see who's playing in St. I got tickets to his concert. Over time I forgot how good his shows are. I almost didnt go . At the last minute we decided to go and I must say I'm glad I did . It definitely energized my vacation! I can't believe he opened with "Turn Up The Music.It's one of the songs that still plays in my head as I'm trying to get thru a blah day at work.
The St.Louis crowd is amazing.When he sang "One foot on the Brake..." the crowd answered back with a loud " AND ONE ON THE GAS!" . gives u goosebumps . Thanks Sammy! So glad I went!

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I went to the July 1 concert always, Sammy brought his game. I will never miss my Sammy when he hits STL.

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he said St. louis is his fav. He told the crowd ( which he went on at length) that he created a set list for St. Lou it was
1. Turn Up the Music
2. I Can't Drive 55
3. Only One Way To Rock
4. Space Station No. 5
5. Bad Motor Scooter
6. Heavy Metal
7. Mas Tequila