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September 09, 2010 by redrocker63 
sammys shop and cantina
sammys shop and cantina

check out youtube sammys shop and cantina,there are two videos,will be at the show friday night fantasy springs look for the sammys shop and cantina banner. theres only one way

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September 09, 2010 by bobb034 
Timeshare presentations in Cabo

I'm just wondering if anyone has done any timeshare presentations lately. I did one a couple of years age and got $400 to spend at the Finisterra. Pretty much made my stay all-inclusive with that amount. I'm wondering if they are still paying that much or should I ask for more?

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September 09, 2010 by redrocker7-3-2010 

Sammy said that since Chad Smith is working on the next Red Hot Chili Peppers album, he's gonna record the second Chickenfoot record and then he's going on the road with the Chili Peppers for a year and a half. Sammy said "Once they start recording, Chad’s never going to be able to get a break,” Hagar told on Sept. 1. “If he does, he’ll get a couple weeks here, a couple days there, which is not really enough to devote to Chickenfoot. And when they’re done with (the album) they’re gonna go on the road for a year and a half.

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September 09, 2010 by Michiganmike 
Cabo here we come ...

Don't have a room , don't have any tickets ,
no cash to speak of , we don't even plan on
seeing a Sammy show but ....

We work hard for the money
Wish we didn't have to work at all
Sacrifice some things
Can't live without another
we're going to Cabo in the fall

And get our feet way up high off the ground
Let our hair hang on down ...

See all our redheaded friends Oct 2nd thru the 14th
and if I asked for a empty bed I just may be serious

MichiganMike and C.J.
[she ain't just any Plain Jane she's my Carla Jane]

hey today is my Mum's B-Day R.I.P.

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September 08, 2010 by rockon 
oh yeah

hi every body wrote it over. it's all been said and done. it's a long and winding road. through the storms road to demascus. old mates. if you got it. then use it. if you use it right good. i dont half to steal it to get it. peace. WD.

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