Two wristbands available for the 10/11 show

October 07, 2011 by IVHorsemen

Heading to Cabo tomorrow to take in a week long celebration of my XL BDay (along with Sammy's BDay too!). It looks like I'll have two wristbands available for the Tuesday night show. If anyone's interested, please message me here so that we can hook up while I'm in town.

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I'm looking to trade these tix for 2 tix to the 10/9 show. If that doesn't work out, then I'll get back to the people that responded here. Thanks!

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I would love those tickets. Man I tried on line and could not get through for any of the shows. Real bummer. This will be my forth time there and the first time I am not getting in. I hope to get in line for dinner tickets if Im not too late. We fly in tomorrow about 1:30 pm...if the tickets are still available.

We are staying at the Grand Sol Mar.

How can I get a hold of you???

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My wife and I fly in monday and will take those tickets if you still have them .Got shut out for that night when they went onsale.Can meet anywhere in cabo Monday night after 6:00pm.Contact At or (925)330-7409.Thanks,Sean

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You bet we are interested in the tickets! We will be arriving in Cabo on Saturday. Planned on standing in line for dinner tickets for the 11th.
Please contact me if they are still available.

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YES YES YES I am interested in both wristbands! Had tic's for the the 1st show, missed the plane and can't get out of Chicago until Monday. This would kinda' make up for missing 5 days in sunny paradise. PLEASE HELP! Janie a.k.a CHICAGOWABORAT E-MAIL ME @ PLEASE! We arrive in Cabo on Monday afternoon, can meet you at the cantina

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I'm interested in a ticket if you have one left