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August 05, 2010 by 302_Boss_Chick 

Came home from work to find my "Get Your Buzz on Live" and "Long Road to Cabo" DVDs on the front porch!!

Rock & roll weekend at Stef's house, and you're all invited!!!

By the way...who is this jackass I see blogging about pre-recorded music and having "the balls" (as they put it) to come on there and bad mouth Sammy? Didn't anyone tell them that's a hangin' offense 'round these parts? Sheesh!!

Peace love and R&R!! (unless you're a Sammy hater then you can go piss up a rope.)


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August 05, 2010 by RACER-X 
To Admin...

Hey peoples..
Any possibility of getting a small "Countdown to Cabo" Timer..on the site. Adjustable to everyones time ... and also featuring a 10/13 countdown... Just an idea.

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August 05, 2010 by cinvas 
Once warmed up Didnt want it to be over

Entire concert standing and dancing wabooo.. Then all warmed up Didn't want it to be over, Heck yeah it was Good!! OC Missed U Samy !!!

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August 05, 2010 by suq 

Could not believe this show! Are you kidding me? This guy has the balls to play recorded music at his concert. When they play along, the karaoke is as bad as the cheapest drunken whore house. Hang em up Sammy Hagar.

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August 05, 2010 by TimMcNulty 
Samson and Hagar

How come Sammy has never mentioned this project from 1967?

I really don't think that Sammy is singing on this track, but I may be wrong. Maybe he is singing harmony and playing guitar?

Anyway, it's a cool song and a very mysterious chapter in the life of The Red Rocker.

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