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July 25, 2012 by Hot 5150 Teach

How many people are going to register twice for b-day bash tickets in hopes that their name will get called at least ONCE?? I know this sounds crazy, but others must have had this idea as well. Will there be a forum for all of us that end up with extra tickets so we can post this info? You realize that there is only ONE name on the tickets, and if people end up with 4 tickets that originally only wanted 2 they could "share" (wink, wink) with others.......Am I the only ones seeing it this way especially for the ones that have already booked the trip and don't get tickets??

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I reg. Twice, only because i did not get all my confirmations, and the ones i did get back, had no show dates listed......i only want the 2 tickets per show, not looking to scam anyone......i hope it goes through, not real clear on this new agenda.... i would think, since you are only eligible for one draw, if you got drawn twice, it would just be canceled on the second one......otherwise, it'll be a no show, after spending a small fortune back in Feb. For this event...

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Both my wife and I have registered for tix as well. I was thinking the same way about sharing tickets. Could be another great way to meet fans. Perhaps this could help get in to shows you may not be drawn for. I am anxiously awaiting the draws.

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But what I am saying guys is....... I registered for two tickets under MY name on the dates the I wanted AS WELL as registered under MY HUSBANDS name. They are two different names registering, so technically "I" didn't register TWICE. It increses your chances of being picked, and if you can afford being out the money "in case" you do get picked it's well worth it! Which leads back to my original post for those who dont get tickets....

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Thought I read they would cancell all registrations if you entered more than one, but couldn't find it! Only found that you could register once: "You may register once for each show and there is a 2 ticket limit per show"! I wouldn't chance it! If you made a mistake, I'd call them & let them know right away!
Doug aka "CWG"

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I got through first time with the # and they called me back within an hour

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This is upsetting news AKA CaboWabo Guy because I registered for 2 tickets for the 11TH and received a confirmation E-mail for that show within minutes. Then I registered for 2 tickets for the 13TH and did not receive a confirmation, so I registered again thinking the 13TH did not go through. Then I got a confirmation for 2 registrations for the 13TH. I called the # for the ticketing agency listed on the registration site, left a message that I mistakenly registered twice. They reassured me that I WOULD NOT be taken out of the drawing,the system would only cancel the duplicate.

Where did you get the Information that it cancels you out entirely :(

I don't see anything in the rules that says you will be eliminated if you registered twice.

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I accidentally registered twice for the 13th.
After trying to call the Support phone number to report it, I found the number to be bogus! It doesn't exist!
1-866-55-tickets ????? Too many numbers! After sending an email, no response......Sketchy!
I never even received a confirmation email that I was acknowledged.
Is this a scam to get our card numbers and pin numbers??????
Google it.
Any ideas other Redheads?

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The way I understand it, you can only register once for each show with your name & info! If you do more than one registration with the same name & info, you will be taken off the list totally! I wouldn't register twice!
Doug aka "CWG"