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August 20, 2011 by Don Wann crazyl... 
Getting red on 9/10 in tahoe!

Can't wait to get red with Sammy on 9/10 in Tahoe! It's my bithday bash weekend! Can't be any better than celebrating my B-day bash with Sammy & all the Redrockers!!!!!!!!!!!!

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August 20, 2011 by Saphireseyes 
The next generation of Redheads~!
The next generation of Redheads~!

Sammy Hagar's music has been an inspiration to me in regards to my spiritual life. His words to many of his songs were my truths put to music. His views on life, whether this life or past lives, his veiw on organized religion, all of this I identified with. Since the days of of his solo career to the groups he joined, his writings have remained a huge part of my life. Even the song in regards to "his redneck friend named Richard" was very funny. Most touching of all to me was the song, Where eagles fly. Nobody has ever written and put to music, really kick ass music, the way Sammy has~!

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August 20, 2011 by ted panajeotou 
Sammy rocks AC

What a great show! My first Sammy show . But by no means my last. Even my wife Julie had a good time . Mostly because we hooked up with another couple. So that made it more enjoyable for

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August 19, 2011 by cheritop 
So sad . ..

We're going on a Mexico cruise and will be in Cabo October 11 & 12!! One day too early! I've been dreaming about doing the Birthday Bash since he first started them and now I'll be soooo close. But no cigar! Sad, sad, sad.

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August 18, 2011 by timothiefielder 
CABO WABO Tequila FINALLY hitting Australia next week at Dan Murphy's

Hey everyone, I've been speaking frequently to Dan Murphy's here in Australia and looks like we're getting CABO WABO Tequila here in Australia as of next week.
Sounds great right...??
Well I'm not sure yet. They gave me prices for both

Blanco $72 bottle
Reposado $75 bottle

Its a pretty big difference to what the online prices are but today the manager of the Berwick store told me that he wasn't %100 sure of the size.

I'll buy it anyway, but at that price, compared with pretty much every other brand its really expensive.

See how we go,

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