July 25, 2013

Here it is! Check out the link below and get registered if you're looking to attend any of this year's birthday bash shows October 7, 9, 11, and 13. The registration process is the same as last year, and everything you need to know on the registration page.

No need to stress, there's plenty of time for you to enter: you may register any time starting from 10:00am PDT July 26th until 10:00pm PDT July 30th. All registrations are treated equally.

Remember that the person whose name appears on the credit card MUST be the person who shows up at the door to claim their tickets. So if you can't be there, save yourself the disappointment and don't register! 




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Hey sum you Redheads!!! We're heated to herald the circumstances on how individuals determination go dejected for the 2013 translation of the flower birthday party Smash in Cabo!This year we are encore selling certificates around a accidental picture computer. Based on devotee answer from endure year, this creates for the fairest furthermore safest mode for Redheads.

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Unfortunately tickets are not transferrable so not possible to buy or swap. However, if you are going to Cabo for sure, you should look into the dinner tickets that are 1st come 1st serve.

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Found it. It's on the link above but here is what I read:
Registration for Birthday Bash 2013 Tickets has now closed. All entries that have been received will be treated equally. We will perform the random drawing the first week of August and will notify winners through email. For those who cannot secure travel arrangements following their purchase, we will provide a one-time refund window until August 15th. Any tickets returned will then be added into a second chance drawing.

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Last year they posted the 2nd chance drawing and ticket returns on here. I'm assuming that they will be doing that again. I read somewhere that the ticket return date is August 15th but I can't seem to find that information again. Hope they post it soon. I have several friends who were shut again this year and they are waiting for the 2nd chance drawing

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Also have tix for the 7th that we can't use due to travel issues. Left message for InTicketing as there was supposed to be a 10 day window for returns. Still waiting to hear from them. Can somebody please post how to return? Thanks!

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Wow...still had hope for a late email saying we go tickets but still no luck,man that sucks,everyone in our group registered and still no luck,thats 2 years in a row,but maybe they will do an extra draw??? anyone have any news or roomers???

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I happen to have been fortunate enough to win tickets for the shows on the 7th and the 9th which it appears right now I won’t be able to use. I can’t find any info on how to return these for the 2nd chance drawing. Would someone please point me in the right direction? Good Luck Everyone!


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I'm guessing the drawing is done. UGH ! Bummer no tix for hubby
or myself. Rented a villa in The Pedregal and would love to see Sammy and friends. If anyone has a pair of extra tix (yeah right) we'd love to buy from you and go into the show together. Drinks are on us !! Cabo is a blast, either way, we'll be hanging outside or inside rockin out. Thanks for doing this Sammy !! I'm a huge fan of you and Mickey !! Cross fingers
for second chance drawing. HUGS to all redheads !! Karen from Arroyo Grande,Ca.

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I think everyone that's complaining about the system needs to remember something. Sammy doesn't have to do these shows. He doesn't owe us anything and we're not entitled to anything. No matter how they sell tickets, there's always going to be someone that's left disappointed. There's thousands of Sammy fans that want to see his Cabo shows. Unfortunately, only 500 per night will. Also, to those that spent nights sleeping on the sidewalk to get tickets. That's really awesome you did that. You have some great memories. However, that doesn't make you better fans than those that never did it. I don't see them ever doing it this way again. It's a safety issue. I'm sure there were folks that didn't get in with that system too. I hope everyone that wants to see one of his birthday bash shows eventually gets to. It's an awesome experience. Thanks Sammy!

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I really need to get tix for night 4 ~~
Flight , Hotel , Beautiful Cabo and No Darn tix . BIG FAT SIGH !!!
Fiance and I are still going in hopes to be drawn for 2nd chance pick and for him to take in
"another" Cabo trip ~ however ...This is "MY first time" !!! Please Red rocker Gods ~ Pick Me for 2 tix when you draw the 2nd round Night 4. It would make my last 10 years of Chaos , Drama, And MANY lessons worthwhile ~ Long Drama Story ~ So, We arent going there .... I will patiently await your email...Please Pick Me . Please Pretty Please !!! Make All My Dreams Come True and Purely Magical ! Oh Yeah , Did I Say , Please and Thanks .

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I haven't received an email so I don't know if I was selected or not. How do I find out?

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Wow, people seem really negative on here in regards to the ticket drawing. I didn't get tickets either, for these shows or last years ones... and yes, of course am disappointed. But I knew what the deal was when I registered... just gonna have to try again next year.

To all those that got tickets, congrats and enjoy the show. I am sure it will be AMAZING!!! :)

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Ok, super bummed! My husband and I booked a trip to Cabo along with some friends to go down and celebrate my 40th Birthday in Cabo with Sammy and all the Red Rockers. We all got shut out and would love to get tickets for the 11th or the 13th. I am crossing fingers and toes for the second chance drawing!!! Any other advice? Thanks!

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Does any one know when the second chance drawing will be held and will we need to register again.

And I agree, those who did not get tickets should be allowed to have a party on the street

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Ken that's brilliant, shut down the street, make it a huge party!!

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Sammy and Admin., how about extending the party outside! Set up a bar and a good sound system in the parking lot. Hopefully it will be showing on the side of the Wabo like usual. This way we can enjoy the show outside while some of us have friends INSIDE.
So many people here plan their vacations around the Bash and at least this would ease the pain of not getting tickets. Its always so fun to see the same faces year after year. We have made some life long friends from the Wabo from all over the globe.
Your birthday bash brings us all back together year after year. :)

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I registered for 2 ticket's to the 9th, 11th & 13th just hoping I would get to go to 1 show. I got 1 ticket for the 7th and I am not even going to be there until the 9th. Anybody know what I can do??????

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I rergistered for the 9th, 11th & 13th for 2 tickets each. I got 1 ticket for the 7th and I am not even going to be there until the 9th. Anybody know what I should do now?????? I have never even been to Cabo.

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My husband and I may have not been drawn for tickets this year yet praying for the "Second Chance" drawing or "Dinner Ticket" BUT we are enjoying the "BIGGER PICTURE" and that's being able to go on Vacation in Cabo!!! We are huge Redhead fans and will show our support anyway possible even if it's watching the performance from the sidewalk. We think the drawing was fair and do understand some reactions will be of disappointment and others of excitement but do know Sammy is ALWAYS good to his fans!! We'll see you in Cabo :)

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I understand everyone's frustration's and understand both sides. Last year was the first year we could actually afford to go to Cabo and we were lucky enough to get one night. We met plenty of Redheads who made that trip for years and believe me I wish I could have been one of them but circumstances and life gets in the way. We planned on making the trip again this year but didn't get tickers -for us it is all about getting to see Sammy - I realize to the die hards who paid there dues on the side walks this may make me more of a newbie but we have been Sammy fans for years and years time has just finally been kind to us and we are able to treat ourselves from time to time. To know before the trip we will definitely get in has been a big plus. We saw so many long time friends greeting each other after another year - they had made friends waiting on line. They all seem to have a great respect for one another and honestly I stood next to a few kids last year who I know did not even know who was on stage with Sammy. Not sure I have an answer but have to believe Sammy and the Wabo's do the best they can with the amount of people that want to go and how big his bash has become. Perhaps have one night that you can wait for tickets the others a drawing. It probably still won't make everyone happy but those fans that put in the time will get in. Just a thought.

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Do I need to register again to participate in the second chance?
I am so bummed! I was in Cabo last year - no tickets. I will be in Cabo again this year - no tickets.
I've been to several Sammy concerts, but really want to experience the Cabo concert.

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I think the draw is successful, what was it intended to do. Kept inflated pricing away from brokers with software that could hog ticketmaster and retain the tickets. Who knows how many ppl registered, but I'm sure it spread out tickets accordingly, not just the USA, Sammy's fans are global. Last year we came with nothing, got two shows, would of done a third if I didn't get sick. There's always a way. Regardless, who else gets people from around the globe to celebrate a huge bday bash like this. I'm never missing a ten13 until I'm ashes, then I'll have my kids scatter some in Cabo so I'll be FDIC for good:)

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Three out of five in our group got nothing, we/they will try for second draw you bet.

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I know you read these man. Heres the deal: Its cool that the "other fans" have gotten a chance over the years to get tickets for the bash and quite frankly my wife hated being on the sidewalk all night but she has admitted in retrospect that this system we have today sucks for the "Up Front Fanatics". After all Sammy....it was you that wrote and recorded "We don't like sleepin on the sidewalk, we don't like standing in the lines, BUT WE DO WHAT WE DO CAUSE WE GOTTA DO WHAT WE WANNA DO WHEN WE WANNA DO IT each and every time". I know you can't please everyone all the time but damn it THIS IS CABO! Let the other 97% try their luck with ticketmaster in the states. Their is nothing stopping them from joining us 3% and to come party on the sidewalk with the UP FRONT FANATICS and actually earn the ticket like many of us have over the years! I'm proud to be one of those Fanatics but this crap of so many faithful, lifelong Redheads getting shut out just sucks. Please do something about it and remember us. If anyone reading this thinks I'm a Hater, think again...I got drawn this year for the 9th but I know I'm going to be out front before I go in that night and see probably 100 or more fans that I've met through the years that partied on that sidewalk with me and they couldn't get a wristband. Thats when the reality really hits that this current system is in fact..Bullshit.

We'll always love ya Sammy no matter what but please address this crap with somebody about why so many of your most loyal fans are standing outside on the cobblestones while your having the Bash for so many people inside that thought that guy playing bass is still with Van Halen.

Cabo Rob

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Its funny how people are sad that they got into 3 shows last year but didn't score any tics this year! Are you serious?!!! I was just hoping me and my girl got into the only one we will be there for!! Getting into two or three? Seriously?! Anyways, we come in on the 13th and can meet someone down there for will call if you ended up with a couple extras!! We will pay for the tics and throw in a few shots of tequila!! Just looking for the Cabo experiance to the MAX!! Maybe second chance draw?!! Cheers!!

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Maybe all tickets go to auction. Sammy gets his $55 a piece, the rest goes to fund raising. It comes down to wallets:)). Sounds fair to me!!!

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I think it's humorous that the powers that be say "based on fan feedback, we have decided to keep the lottery system." What fan feedback are they looking at? The only people that like it are those who got tickets. Odds are after next year, nobody will like it because they all were "unlucky" at some point over the past three years. I haven't been selected now two years in a row. I bought a timeshare the week of the Birthday Bash! It also pisses me off that they didn't state a position about the same people registering for the same shows using different e-mail addresses. Last year, as my wife and I were standing outside enviously, some lady was bragging about getting all 4 shows because she registered under 5 e-mail addresses and so did her husband! I still refuse to not play by the implied rules even though it's getting harder when there's no enforcement. Here's my fan feedback: it sucks and it's broken.

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Admin, When possible please provide info for second chance tickets and or people who won tickets but have decided not to go. Added dates to vacation to be there for all four shows and unfortunately did not get picked for any of the shows.

Congrats to all the folks who got confirmations :)


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Tried the lottery and was shut out this year-bummer. Still going to Cabo anyway-not a bummer!
Saw someone stating there is a second chance lottery drawing after refunds are given on August 15th...is this true? How do you register for the second chance?

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I think if this ticket thing is ever going to be really "FAIR" it has to go back to waiting in line on the streets of Cabo! Not that I really wanna do that again, but this "Random drawing" is BULLSHIT!

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This random drawing way of getting tickets is BULLSHIT Sammy!

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Got picked for the 11th, it's our first time to Cabo! I can't wait! There's only one way to ROCK

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We got 2 for the 13th. Was worried we wouldn't get anything. Last year we were fortunate to get the first show. Just confirmed our reservations at the Marina Fiesta all inclusive. See all you Redheads there. If not at the show, at the bar across from Cabo or somewhere downtown.

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We were lucky enough to get tickets for the 7th and the 11th. Last year we were shut out. See you in Cabo!

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Last year was my first year in Cabo. I struck out on tickets in the raffle last year but this year got them for the 9th and 13th!!!

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Hello Admin,

Please provide details on "Second Chance" drawing and "Dinner" tickets for those unfortunate Redheads who did not get drawn. We would love to attend ANY show. Last year my husband and I got drawn for three of the four shows and had a blast. Looking forward to some exciting news. Congrats to those who did get tickets; it's an unforgettable experience.

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Good Info. We love Cabo but in October we make the trip mainly to attend the show. We would be terribly disappointed if we cancelled everything to find out right before we could still go. Thanks for the heads up to all us disappointed Redheads. Hope alot of people who didn't get them last year got some this year at least.

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We got tickets to the 13th!!! Thank God!! Last year was sad when we didn't get any and cancelled our trip!! Last year the week before the bash we received emails saying we could get tix to a show! Don't cancel your trip!!!! I was sad we cancelled ours! There is still hope if u weren't chosen today!

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there is a 15 day refund period----but I will buy your ticket
Janice hoffer

janicehoffer's picture

I would like to buy your ticked stealth-1@msn.com
Janice Hoffer

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We got two tickets for the 11th flying in from Buffalo, NY can't wait.

Its our 1st time down there, where is a good place to stay?

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Only received 1 ticket for the 13th.
(don't ask why, already BUMMED) Not going without 2. Anyone know anything about the refund period or second chance drawing?

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My girlfriend won and only chose the 1 ticket option for the Oct 13th show the day of Sammy's b-day not realizing that she had to hit 2 in the drop down box.. Anybody that has an extra ticket for the Oct. 13th show I will gladly pay you handsomely for it!

Please contact me inf you're interested


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Winne Winner Chicken Dinner. Just checked my email and nothing. Called the wife to let her know and she let me in on a little secret. She got confirmation for the 13th. Wanted to let me sweat it out a little. See ya all at the cantina.

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we go in on the 5th and out on the 12th. See ya at the pool bar buddy...then that's when the party starts...

Mas Tequila FDIC 2013

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well no tix for me ! IfI wait in dinner tix linedo I have to bring my friend ? Or can I wait alone and buy 2 tix ?


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I registered for the 11th and the 13th, but got tickets for the 7th?!?!?!?! My husband registered for the 7th and 9th and got nothing. Just happy we have tickets for at least one show!!!!

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Hey Jeff, what's up my friend? Yep, we're going again this year. Haven't booked anything yet but I got tickets for the October 7th show so it will probably be the RIU Santa Fe from October 5-11. FDIC 2013