July 25, 2013

Here it is! Check out the link below and get registered if you're looking to attend any of this year's birthday bash shows October 7, 9, 11, and 13. The registration process is the same as last year, and everything you need to know on the registration page.

No need to stress, there's plenty of time for you to enter: you may register any time starting from 10:00am PDT July 26th until 10:00pm PDT July 30th. All registrations are treated equally.

Remember that the person whose name appears on the credit card MUST be the person who shows up at the door to claim their tickets. So if you can't be there, save yourself the disappointment and don't register! 




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My fingers and toes are crossed!!

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Anyone get tickets yet?

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My buddy and I are hoping for tickets to celebrate our 50th birthdays. If we don't get tickets we will have our own party to celebrate at Riu Santa Fe pool bar. You are all invited.

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Good luck Redheads...May the ticket process be good to everyone! Hope to get tickets to 1 show. I was shut out last year but with the help of friends I saw 2 shows plus the awesome Kenny C show!

C U N Cabo 2013

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Got registered for nights 2-4 this year this is the first time since 2010 i can go in 2010 I had to cancel due to a family emergency after getting tickets to all 4 shows in the first online ticket purchase, the redrocker team was gracious to let me transfer the tickets to my travel buddy that was still able to go so i hope i get all 3 this year so i can finally go and see what i missed out on 3 years ago. Plus this will be my 50th 1013 celebration as my 1013 is 8 days after Sammys.

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Lisa.....Woooo! I had to comment on your pic. Love it! I know that sea anywhere. Hope to see you in Cabo and hope you get your tickets. I'm really sweatin it cuz I've got 8 people coming and I pray we get the same show tickets (if any right). I'll be with All Night Dwight and the Ric Flair robe (he's getting a reality show...really). You cant miss us. We're hanging out at the Pueblo Bonito! Give me a shout if we cross paths in paradise. By the way, you going on the Sammy Hagar Booze Cruise? Woooooo!

Cabo Rob

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I'm with Lisa Rader...and those fine legs..Daayaam! I like the 2nd chance drawing for those tickets that got turned down. We have 8 of us going this year and we all had to register for a few shows and who knows if we'll be picked at all. I was hoping to show them how to party but I may not get tickets and they might. That would suck for me man. Anyways.....no whining...what happens happens. Let f'ing party. Its Cabo right!! The Carolina Cabo Crew will be heard with Cabo Rob and All Night Dwight leading the way with the Ric Flair robe in the house!!! Now you remember us. We're the ones that run the ink toner bill up at the Wabo! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Raise some Cabo and remember when we party we wanna party......and if I can get me some you damn well better believe I will! Thats just the way we live. 68 Days, 8 Hours, 47 Minutes...Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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Good Luck Deb....See you in Cabo ! ! ! ! !

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All Booked and Registered....Staying at the Riu Palace Oct 9th - 15th....Hoping for some luck this year in the drawing..Good Luck to everyone...Cant wait for the party to begin....See you in Cabo ! ! ! ! !

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Pueblo Bonito Sunset is beautiful. They have suttles in and out of town up to early evening then you need cab back. We are staying at their resort Blanco downtown this year 10-9 thru 10-16 and hope to attend one of the concert while in town. The last bash was great.

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registered and waiting. Hope we get tickets. If not, we will be partying at pool bar at Riu Santa Fe with all the other losers.

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We are booked, registered and ready! Staying at the Riu Santa Fe the 6th thru the 15th! I hope we win tickets! My Birthday is the same as Sammy's and I would love to celebrate with him! Fingers Crossed!!!!!! Rock on Sammy! Hope to see you in Cabo!

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This is a great location to rest and relax. You can expect great service with very nice rooms. The bummer is getting back and forth to town. You can take their shuttle to Rosa or Blanco and walk to town. If you're staying out late It's a cab ride every time.


Deb Fowler's picture

Well we are registered for all 4 shows. Keeping fingers and toes crossed to at least be lucky enough to get 1 show. Last year we struck out on all shows so maybe our luck will be better this year. Trip is already booked for the Rui Santa Fe 7-14th. Can't wait. Always a great time with the Redheads in Cabo on bday bash week!!!!

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Need help please!! A friend has visa different from drivers license and passport. For example visa says Paul J Peters. DL and passport say John Paul Peters! Also he registered as Paul Peters. Its messed up. Can we ignore visa wording and use what is on picture ID, will it be an issue if he stays with PAUL J Peters?

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I sure hope this turns out better than last year. It absolutely SUCKS to be IN Cabo and without tix to the show! Rock it out Sammy!

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The webpage cannot be found...that is what I get when I click the link for BBash registration.

Anyone got any good advice on how to get to the registration page?


patriot44's picture

I cannot get the link to open. I keep getting a message that the website cannot be found....Does anyone have any suggestions?

Please help me.

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Awsome, I guess I'll try for all 4 dates. Thanks!

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This is our first stay at Sunset Beach. Does it live up to the reviews and website hype? Stayed at Hacienda Del Mar and The Riu on our last trips just looking for some insight on what to expect at Sundet Beach.

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Registered this morning for all four shows. Hopefully I'll have better luck than last year. I didn't get drawn for any show. C U N Cabo !!!!

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Just registered for all four shows...Can't wait to see the results! Been something I've wanted to do for years! Hope to see everyone there! ROCK ON!

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just finished registering for all 4 days. no problems. 1 confirmation per registration.
see you in cabo...

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can anyone tell me when we will be notified that we got tickets?!?!

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i am wondering when we will know that we got tickets?!?!

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Registered for all 4 shows.. I hope that were picked for at least one show.. If not I have a trick up my sleeve. Good luck all RED HEAD 4 LIFE...

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Reg'd for all 4 shows... here's hoping I can catch one of them!

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Need help sorting out a buddy's name, your phone number for support doesn't work nor does the email!!

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Has anyone heard that if your birthday is the same as Sammy's you get tickets?

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I have received 6 e-mails for two entries for 2 tickets each for two eperate days. Has anyone run into this problem?

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Took less than 10 minutes to register for the first 3 shows...

Good Luck to all you Red Heads, 70 days and counting

FDIC 2013

Later Jeff

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Tix ordered but had to do it from my cell phone, computer was locking up, couldn't even get into the site, their IT support needs to fix this, I would be happy to get just one night, never seen Sammy in Cabo, everywhere else but....++++++++
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Once registered you get an email from tickets@inticketing.com this will ensure you that you will be entered into the drawing and also so you don't enter more than once. Good luck all.

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It keeps saying that I am entering the wrong security characters (I'm not!!) We need IT department help please!

AndyLozano1's picture

I'm getting "Can not Display Page."

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Need help, email for support or the phone number to call doesn't work, I have a buddy with messed up names. Visa has middle name first, as in Pete J Johnson. Drivers licence and passport are Jerry Pete Johnson. What can he do, should he just enter the name for his visa the same as his identifications, or bring visa and it's when collecting tickets, not sure what to do. Thx and rock on!

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I can't wait

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The Sunset Beach awaits us! They've got our suite, the tequila, the rum, and the Princess Damiana. Now all we need is tickets! Been to Cabo several times, seen Sammy SEVERAL times, but never been to the bash. Must go to this one! I have to go back to find the earring I lost the last time I partied at the Cabo Wabo. Whoo!

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This is available for the Birthday Bash, Oct 5th thru Oct 12th, Ocean view, King bed, two person. $1250.00 all taxes included for seven nights. If you've stayed here before you know this is half price. Call or text me at 817-223-2923 Adrian


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chances are you will be lucky to get one show, if you get more than one show you will be charged and the tickets are non transferable and non refundable. Good luck it's always a good time

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Get your registrations in, will it be my week?

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Yes, you are charged for any dates for which you are drawn. Last yr they gave ppl a one time opportunity to get a refund if they were unable to go and had a 2nd chance drawing for those tickets.

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Can't wait to go to the Bash. This is my first time trying this. What happens if I register for 3 dates, but only need to go to one show, do I end up being charged for 3 sets of tickets, if I get picked? I really want to go, I just turned 50 this year, so this has been the only thing I've wanted to do for my big celebration!! Can someone please advise?