Confirms Autobiography

December 23, 2010 Confirms Autobiography

You have all been hearing the rumors and would like to officially confirm that Sammy Hagar is releasing the Autobiography "Red - My Uncensored Life in Rock" on March 15, 2011 through Harper Collins.

In the book Hagar tells readers the outrageous and unbelievable stories of his rise through rock music, detailing his 30 year career starting with Montrose and covering Van Halen, The Wabos, his Solo work and of course Chickenfoot. Lavishing readers with behind-the-scene stories from Van Halen, one of the biggest rock groups in history, Sammy tells of the global stadium tours, private jets, parties, and of course the ups and downs that came with fame and success.

To celebrate the book’s release, Sammy will be making a special appearance at Canadian Music Week doing a special interview on Saturday, 12 March at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto.

The publisher has started taking preorders for the book. Links to options can be found on the Harper Collins website:

We'll keep you posted as the promotional schedule gets confirmed. Stayed tuned to for the latest schedule.


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maryannl050's picture

WooHoo! Can't wait!

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Sammy will be in Toronto Saturday, March 12th for Canadian Music Week's in-depth celebrity interview see;

And on Sunday, March 13th at 2:00pm at Chapters book store signing "Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock" see;

It will be cool to meet the Red Rocker in person!! So glad he's coming to Canda!

markrory's picture

Go to REDHEADS TAB and you will read the January 26th posting about Sammy and Chickenfoot!!!!! FYI

RandyOU812's picture

Looking forward to this for a long time. Here's to hoping u come to Chicago to do some book signings.

markrory's picture

It's all good. :) We 'Redheads" just love to rock with Sammy, that's all. Join us. Hear the music. Rock on. (Misnomer no more LOL)
P.S. go to Facebook and ask for Red Rocker. He just surprised Joe Satarini in Oakland and sang there. ?Why isn't it on this page? Lady Red Rose

redrandi's picture

O tay! I`m sowwy! Obviously YOU know Sammy well. And I`m pretty sure he has "people" to manage this site. Doubt if he reads it himself. BUT again I am probably wrong. I can live with that.You all take yourselves much too seriously.
No more negative. I promise. LOL
Take note of the fans who so quickly rush to your defence Sammy.
They are the trill fans.
Love You Samuel!
AND I learn-ded a new word -misnomer. Learning is a positive thing...right?

markrory's picture

wow - simply a misnomer in open speech apparently. Hard to believe you would use Sammy's comment area to commence in such an unnecessary arguement. You all look so childish. Sammy wouldn't want to read that stuff. Neither do I.

redrandi's picture

Oh honey! LOL You don`t know me at all.

RedRocker1963's picture

Redrand! you need help...if you dont like your life that much go get some counseling and stop taking it out on people who make something of their lives. you're right, you DONT have to spend your money on anything you dont want but stop be a whiner about it.

redrandi's picture

Just love to stirr things up a little! It entertains me. I love U Sammy. Because you are so positive. But then.....why wouldn`t U B? "Got it ALL! Still want MORE!"

I hope you rock FOREVER!

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SAMMY! SAMMY! :) Where are you now????? Already have the book on order. Want to see the concert listing for Tahoe in May??!!! We funatics look forward to the special Tahoe Concert! Come on Sammy!!!! Tell us when we can see u there and party Waborita style with the WABOS!!!! Lady Red Rose

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Sammy worked hard for every penny he makes and he deserves it.
I am so looking forward to reading his book!

I love You Sammy xoxo


xlharr's picture

Why bother even saying anything?
Don't ruin things for something we have no
control. Just let it go.

redrandi's picture

You are correct. None of my business where his money goes. But I do care where mine goes cause I`ve worked my ASS off all my life. And for what? To end up in a box. And THATS if I`m lucky!

redrandi's picture

HA! Now that`s what I`m talkin bout people! Finally got some backs up! Guess I`ve been a little grouchy since I got shot!
I love listening to Sammy. Do not "hate" him or that fact that he is rich & famous. You redheads are so touchy! LOL I don`t hate anyone for defending their idol.

Peace & Rock on,

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I look forward to this read. Can't wait to hear the "real" scoop on the Van Halen drama...hopefully he has his lawyers ready for when Eddie pulls a "prima donna" on him! Lol.

I hope it's in depth and lot more intimate than Vince Neil's recent transparent shallow autobiography "Tattoos & Tequila".

I know it's really none of my business but he's gonna put it out there, I want the dirt ;-)

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Redrandi....Get a clue and come back!!

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Whoa... Guess my first comment would have to be... It really ain't your buisness OR mine what Sammy does with profits from his book... Never heard him promise to give it to ANYBODY...
The Guy starts doin' charity stuff and all of a sudden EVERYBODY thinks he should give ALL HIS money away... Thats just GARBAGE...
I will no doubt order my book this weekend, AND IF by some miracle I can get Sammy to sign it, then that would be GREAT...If not oh well, IT HAPPENS...
Bashers cut the guy some slack or go somewhere else...


me's picture

totally agree with you RedRocker1963..if you don't like it, don't buy it...Sammy contributes ALL of his profits from the BB&G's to local charities.....he is always do something for the kid in to make him sound like a money hungry cannot understand and my guess would be that Sammy will contribute to another charity

RedRocker1963's picture

Hmmmm redrandi, don't be a hater cause Sammy's famous. I'm sure he does his fare share of donating money. I dont condemn you for wanting to get a used book or even at the library but to say you're "tired of contributing to your (Sammy's) bottom line" is not fare at all! you're making him sound like a money hungry greedy S.O.B. don't accuse people of something unless you have facts...and being a celebrity is NOT cause for those kind os accusations.

scottp093's picture

I just per-ordered mine !!!!

redrandi's picture

Anyone know where the money from this book is going? Charity? If not. I`ll wait & pick up a used one.
Love U Sammy, just tired of contributing to your bottom line. I`ll take the money for a new copy & give it to someone who is unemployed or loosing their home or struggling to feed their kids. You know. Regular people.

redrocker7-3-2010's picture

I hope he does book signings here in Minnesota!

redrocker7-3-2010's picture

Now THAT'S a book I'll actually want to read!

RIRedrocker's picture

I found a pre-ordered confirmation order receipt under the Christmas tree for me!! YAY!!!!!!!! Can't wait to get it!!!

RedRocker1963's picture

Alreay pre-ordered mine on

hagarrockscabo's picture can you order it? I want one!

Redlover's picture

I can't wait to get my copy!!! ☺
I ordered mine back on June 25th!!! LOL!
Wonder if he'll be doing any book signings???
Just like Sammy, this book is gonna be HOT-HOT-HOT!!! ♥ ♥ ♥


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Can't wait to read it

Doogerp's picture

Ordered 2 copies

302_Boss_Chick's picture

Pre-ordered mine in September, can't WAIT!!!