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mark and rosemary (lady red rose) hansen
June 10, 2010
manteca, california
July 21

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Sep 12, 2011
murphys ironstone concert

The drive to ironstone was merciless. So was the seating. So was Joe. Oh Joe. YOur guitar screams wiht no melody - no voice - no lyrics. The crowd didn't get it. No Sammy joining him. Why Joe at a Wabo's concert???? Showcase Mona, Vic and Bro. We came to see them play ith Sammy, not Joe. We won't be going back to ironstone ever again. It's no Tahoe. Theres no cabo wabo bar. no tequila. whats up sammy? u dont like wabos no more?????

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Feb 8, 2011
ticket info for tahoe
ticket info for tahoe

go to ticketmaster.com for general admission $75.00 tickets. no special password needed (it was redrocker). go to tickets here at redrocker for the $200 on stage tickets.
no early tickets are available so far... and people who have already put their tickets up for sale on those other sites for like $194 each for the $75 tickets - shame on you!!!!! We will be on the floor this year, both nites! So get ready to rock with Sammy and the Wabos! P.S. Go to Mona's site pinkvoodoo.com and she has a t-shirt ava!!!!! Lady Red Rose :)

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