Tour Archives Posted!

December 07, 2010
Tour Archives Posted!

You may have noticed that things have been a little quiet around here the
last few weeks. Well, we have been hard at work updating the tour archive to include the tour dates for 1997 - 2005. In true Redhead fashion many of you are already on it clicking 'I Was There' and adding some great comments.

Please take a look around! We have posted all the old photos as well as
provided links to video and audio for any dates that had that information.
Hundreds of dates were added as well as close to 1,000 photos. If you see
anything that might have been missed please give us a heads up!

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 3  Redhead Comments's picture

I love all the really great photos and music. Thanks for giving me a look at all the good things you do and all the great times you've had.

larryb055's picture

Thanks for posting the old photos. It's nice to see the pics that from the v1 and v2 of I was part of the team that posted the old fan photos, reviews and setlists. It's great to see that it's not all lost.

Edubreuil's picture

Thank you for adding all those shows into the archive! Looking up the shows that I attended brought back some great memories. Just wondering if you'll be updating the Chickenfoot shows from 2009 too. I don't see the show I attended on the list. (8/24/09 Bank of America Pavillion - Boston, MA)