Store Coming Soon

February 18, 2011 Store Coming Soon

Hey Redheads! Just a head up - we are excited to let you know that we
will be launching the new store this coming March 2011.
Initially the store will have a collection of 2010 tour season
merchandise, but we have plans to add other stuff too as we get into
Spring. We will also have monthly specials that will offer up for sale
some great out of production and hard to find items. So stay tuned!


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that shirt is awesome!!!

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Interesting that the store is now UP but there's no link here!!!! Here it is! Check out all the cool goodies!!!

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I hope theres a new line of black t-shirts with the big red "R" on the front, the red rocker logo. I've been after that, for years. Looking forward too it. Its been awhile.

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I have been waiting for Sammy's merchandise. I saw a cute military hat at his store in Cabo and should have bought it like my friend did but I didn't! I want 2010 birthday bash shirts since due to an illness I could not go!

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Cant wait!!!! Some new sammy t-shirts yes!!! Its been ages since I bought one.

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Awesome have been waiting! Hopefully they will have Hawaiian or Bowling style shirts. Thank Sammy!

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SWEET! Can't wait to update the wardrobe and add some stuff to my shelf displays.

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Great lookin shirt! I surley hope that they will be offered in a "Mans Size" of 4XL! Big men like to display Sammy Shirts too.

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Awesome! I've been hoping this would happen.

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Wooooo Hoooo! Bring 'em on! Can't wait!! Sammy come back to St. Louis... we're missing you!

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I want one : )

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Yes! I need some new shirts desperately, can't wait.

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Awesome need to update the wadrobe

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Awesome need to update the wadrobe

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Great news! It was strange buying Redrocker stuff from the Van Halen store...

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Nice, never have enough "RED"!!!

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Bout time!!! I need some more Red stuff!!!