Past Event

Sep 3 2015
10200 Quil Ceda Blvd
Tulalip, WA


The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson).


Show 7:00PM.

Damn, it breaks our hearts… Sammy here, speaking for the Circle… We were there and ready to perform tonight at Tulalip but after a relentless downpour of rain and lightning, the stage and all the electronics got totally flooded. We huddled up back stage and it was decided, way too dangerous for us and the fans to turn on all that electronics and put our show. We want to come back ASAP and give it all up and more!! Look for us to return, we love the fans in Seattle. You guys are tough and so dedicated, damn it, we love you and we owe you! Sammy


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  • 2015-09-03 @ The Tulalip Amphitheatre


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 24 Redhead Comments

RockMama's picture

Looking forward to next show..

mh53eflyguy's picture

New concert scheduled for August 24th, 2016!

JeffinWa's picture
Waiting patiently (kinda)
kellieawol's picture

Will this show ever get rescheduled? We are anxious!

alanbhoffer's picture

It was a disappointment that the show was canceled due to the rain and lightning, it also was a real disapointment that Tulalip Resort Casino did not give away the guitar that you and your group signed either.

It come to my attention that Tulalip Resort Casino decided to give it away online instead and then gave the guitar to someone who never even attended the show that night. The person even appears to some kind of promoter for the casinos according to the info on facebook.

We are really mad about all this as we spent a lot of money there to see your show, as well as a lot other people that attended the show, only to see someone get the guitar who never attended the show and appears to be some kind of promoter. Really sad, won't be visiting this casino again.

kellieawol's picture

Any news on rescheduling? Hoping it will be at Xfinity Arena in Everett....!

stevea077's picture

Long way to go for the show, to have it cancelled!! The ticket said 'rain or shine'!?! Sat for an hour in the rain waiting for show to start. Would have been way better if Sammy and the band came out and apologized for the show to be cancelled. See ya in Cabo next month!!

Drumman's picture
We waited and waited in the rain, please come back ASAP. How about an indoor concert at the Xfinity Arena in Everett wa just north of Seattle? Give us who had tickets first chance? How about early January ?
Drumman's picture

We waited and waited in the rain, please come back ASAP. How about an indoor concert at the Xfinity Arena in Everett wa just north of Seattle?
Give us who had tickets first chance?
How about early January ?

mh53eflyguy's picture

I'm glad you guys postponed. It looked like MA's stacks were smoking at one point during one of the downpours. I ended up retreating to my vehicle at about 8:45pm because I was soaked and cold, and I heard the news from the warmth and dryness of my car. We look forward to seeing you guys when you reschedule, and hopefully it will be indoors!

Have Dugie check his amps out! He walked right past me when I was in line to get in but I could not get the words "hello" out!

krismar24's picture

Come back soon

mykwazowski's picture

Pumped! Catalog from Sammy, Van Halen and Led Zeppelin! Can't go wrong. \,,/

chrissymustang's picture

Got my tickets. Cant wait for the show !

paulie1230's picture

Logged on to the Tulalip site at exactly 10am when tickets went on sale and all packages were already sold out!...had to settle for 23rd row....dang it!

Mando Barron's picture

Yo Sammy been waiten on pre sale for tulalip show man . Its 9:10 am in tulalip wa and no presale ? My wife has pancreatic cancer and we cant get away to get tics at the moment . Bonnie hasnt been out in a while but the cemo seems to be shinking the tumor,,we pray for remission by summer time.Seen ya in sturgis 06 and of course Tualip. Thanks man , Armando and Bonnie 615

tmpdawg2's picture

Why is there no presale for the Tulalip Show? It shows the password and says it started the 21st?

pdgwhof's picture

Hey did you guys get into the link to get your tix? Still cant do it through but can through ticketmaster using same password listed on this sight! Just fyi if you still having problems!'s picture

Presale is Open!!! Just go to the ticket purchasing website and enter the presale code (REDHEAD). i Just picked up some great seats.

lindamstephens's picture

Was anyone able to purchase presale tickets for Tulalip show. I can't find link for tickets.

kmmc85's picture

I've called Tulalip telling them I'm a redhead they say they do not honor that makes me angry

autotize's picture

Any News on Tulalip Presale? It says 4/21

jagilgan's picture

if I had the password you can purchase them in PRESALE via Tickemaster....anyone ???

rb63's picture

password redhead have fun

still rockin's picture

why is the Tulalip show the only one on the list that presale is closed? No option to purchase a ticket...