Tulalip Resort Casino Amphitheater

September 15, 2015 by alanbhoffer

It was a disappointment that the show was canceled due to the rain and lightning, it also was a real disapointment that Tulalip Resort Casino did not give away the guitar that you and your group signed either.

It come to my attention that Tulalip Resort Casino decided to give it away online instead and then gave the guitar to someone who never even attended the show that night. The person even appears to some kind of promoter for the casinos according to the info on facebook.

We are really mad about all this as we spent a lot of money there to see your show, as well as a lot other people that attended the show, only to see someone get the guitar who never attended the show and appears to be some kind of promoter. Really sad, won't be visiting this casino again.

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so dissapointing . I do understand why the show couldnt go on...what I dont understand is why the tickets say rain or shine where clearly Tulalip is not set up for rain. Also agree with another poster that pointed out that the signed guitar that was supposed to be given to a fan at the show was given away online to whoever the lucky one was whether they were at the show or not. Please Sammy when you come back to the pacific northwest, find another venue.