Past Event

Jun 8 2013
The Venetian Presents Sammy Hagar's Tiki Party Rockin' with the Wabos featuring Emeril Lagasse on the Grill
The Palazzo Pool
Las Vegas, NV


The Wabos.


Show 7:30PM.

Get ready for the party of the summer as Sammy brings the Wabos to Vegas to throw the Tiki bash to end all Tiki bashes! This is the ultimate mash up of barbecue by acclaimed chef Emeril Lagasse with a performance by Sammy & The Wabos, all in the world’s largest Five Diamond resort. Savor every bite of Emeril’s signature barbecue while sipping signature cocktails poolside.

After the party, experience every world-class amenity of The Venetian, from casino gaming and world-class cuisine, to spa treatments and killer shows like Rock of Ages. When it’s all done, rest and relax in your lavish suite. 

Come join Sammy, the Wabos and Emeril in celebrating Sammy's Beach Bar Rum arriving at the Venetian - don’t wait another minute to book this once-in-a-lifetime event!

May 20th Update - Tickets now available just for the concert!

To purchase concert only tickets, visit:


Sammy Hagar's Pool Package

The Venetian has put together some amazing suite packages for the event that are an incredible deal and we have worked to secure a special window where Redheads can get them exclusively before being released to the public! These packages are available to Redheads until Friday morning at 10am PDT, after which they will be announced to the world.

Grab one of the exclusive suite packages that includes:

  • 2 Nights stay in Luxury Suite (at the Venetian or Palazzo)
  • 2 General Admission tickets to the evening Sammy & The Wabos performance at The Palazzo Pool

To purchase a Venetian suite package, visit:

To purchase a Palazzo suite package, visit:

Note: After completing purchase your email receipt will not list the tickets, but they will be available when you check in. 

We'll see you there!



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  • 2013-06-08 @ The Venetian Presents Sammy Hagar's Tiki Party Rockin' with the Wabos featuring Emeril Lagasse on the Grill


 43 Redhead Comments

tedou812's picture

Rockin show, great tasting rum, good friends

LEGGS's picture

Sammy you hit the nail on the head with this show. It was the Sammy I know unlike the last show up in Tahoe. You killed me with that one. My daughter & I have our fingers crossed for tixs to Cobo. Hope to c ya there.

Kevindillehay's picture

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RDEastman's picture

We too were very frustrated about the food not being included in the package. In fact, the Venetian Hotel employee that gave me my tickets, when I picked them up at the 'Rock of Ages' box office the morning of the show said, "Now remember, the package includes all you can eat at Emeril's barbeque, but drinks are not included." We felt a little duped when we got to the BBQ. Emeril's staff kept saying it's all you can eat if you have a blue wristband. When we asked the hotel catering staff, they knew nothing about any wristbands. Three managers later, we got a little help. Seemed like a classic bait and switch from the hotel; not from Sammy's camp. We too got the letter from Sammy placed in our hotel room (at the Palazzo) after we got back from the concert that said food was never intended to be included in the package. Despite all of the confusion, we had an awesome time!

mtnpeeps's picture

I agree, the Venetian staff seemed to be very disorganized & there was NO DIRECTION about buying food/drink tickets in advance and WHERE to buy them. We waited in line for about an hour in 111 degree heat. But once we got them, we sat next to the pool & kept cool. Once Sammy hit the stage, we had so much fun!!!

mtnpeeps's picture

Emeril was there, he was at the grill about about 7pm.

vanhalen5150's picture

Good show sammy,no show emeril!! What bbq??? I flew in from portland,or. Hoping to eat some bbq from emeril and there was none,what is the deal

JOANNEB075's picture

this show rocked but we never did see or get to try the new Rum or Emeril's BBQ. The ticket sale for food and drink was not a great idea in my opinion. I think Sammy's camp should have run the logistics of the event..they know how Redheads roll and it would have made for an even more awesome experience. Sammy really seemed to be enjoying himself and the Wabo's gave us a great show as always! I would love to do this again but would hope the Venetian and Palazzo let Sammy's people organize this next time. Despite the mix up with hotel reservations etc we all had an awesome time with all the Redheads and we loved the show!!

vanhalen5150's picture

Where the hell was emeril? I was really looking forward to his bbq and I didn't see any bbq'ing goin on anywhere with emeril! That was disappointing but sammy did rock.this was the 2nd show my wife and I have attended on this tour so far,the first was in lake tahoe may 4th.keep it up sammy,come to portland,or. So I dont have to keep flying my wife all over the place to see you!!!! My wife loves ya sammy.....

jamieg5's picture

The show was a typical show but for me not worth the price after the truth came out about the Venetian package. I could have bought the concert tickets online and rooms at the Venetian with airfare for what I paid just for my Venetian package and what was the package? Several of us were under the impression that the food was included and that drinks had to be bought but not the case and not what I was told when I called to confirm my reservation. I also agree Sammy needs to open up the old VH vault a little more with Dreams,Poundcake, etc. I will never stay at the Venetian again and I wonder if Sammy is aware that they put letters on our door from him saying he was not aware of food or drink being included in the package price. This was my first trip to Vegas and I would be alot more disappointed had I not hit the Mirage for a nice chunk of change on Friday.

franimal62's picture

Sammy needs to get that set list up to 20-songs! Hell, even the Stones do 23-songs and McCartney did 38-songs on their 2013 tours! Man up Sammy, you're a kid compared to those guys!

onemorshow's picture


1.Bad on Fords
3.1 Way 2 Rock
4.Why Can't This Be Love
5.Montrose Melody(Space Station/Rock Candy/Bad Motor Scooter)
6.Top of the World
8.I'll Fall in Love
9.3-Lock Box
10.Right Now
11.Ramblin Gamblin Man(Bob Seger)
12.Finish Whatcha Started
13.Heavy Metal
14.Mas Tequila with Emeril Lagasse

15.Eagles Fly

nik's picture

Drink & Food tickets are needed for everything. Which I would have liked to purchase ahead of time. Big line right away that. One cashier for this event. Set up looks great so far though, otherwise.

nik's picture

I hate to do this before I check into the hotel and actually have physical tickets in my possession, but...

My plus one bailed out and I will have an extra ticket to the show tonight.

Not scalping, if we can get together, you can have it. Maybe buy me a beer... or a bottle of rum. :) But seriously, I'd hate for it to go to waste.

UPDATE: ticket has been passed. Long live redheads.

Mashagar's picture

FYI it was moved from palazzo pool to the Venetian pool!!!

mcutbacks's picture

I may have waited to long, went to sight and says not available. Maybe I can hear it from parking lot?

14ktred's picture

I can't wait!!

Quantumwoody's picture

Can't wait. Just got my tickets today. Wanted a reason to go to Vegas. This is a big one.

sherylb055's picture

Any input on this, anyone? What's the venue like, and how many tix will be sold? Thanks!

azure.s's picture

There's a free iTunes app. for The Venetian that describes the event a little more.
( only a few more days to go!!)

Nabrldy's picture

Planned and booked the room package. Hope that the fans that went all out with the room package get a special spot for the show. Either way happy to see Sammy, the Wabos and Emerill.

jdwilliams's picture

Hope MA Shows up as well...

sherylb055's picture

If I buy the 'concert only' tickets, does this include the Emeril BBQ as well? What's the venue like? Will we be hanging out in swimsuits & see Sammy & The Wabos playing, or will it be a concert with a pool in the background? And, how big is the venue? Need to make some decisions today, so any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks Redhead Rockstars!!
Sheryl Bradley :-)

Joel J. Hall's picture

How long will Sammy and the Wabos play? In other words, is this going to be a concert or a quick performance? Can't wait either way!!!!

admin's picture

The show is currently scheduled to start at 7:30pm so we'd recommend all Redheads plan on being there well beforehand to ensure you don't miss a thing! :)

Homerclese's picture

Will the show actually start at 7:30 or later? We're flying in that night and we land at 7:30

Homerclese's picture

Hey, we're actually flying in and our plane lands at 7:30. Do the Wabos actually start then or will they start playing later? Muchas Gracias

MadJack's picture

O HELL YA!!! Been waitin' a LONG time to see Sammy, again, NOT with VH... BUT, PLEASE bring Mikey!

Super.Dave's picture

Thank you Sammy,Crew and the Venetian for taking care of Your Fans.
opening up the pool party to locals and others whom are already in town on the 8th is awesome. I realize the business decision was a difficult one. especially for the hotel that wanted a 2 night min.

It's enough that The Music is great But having the Fans back makes it feel great to be a REDHEAD!!

onemorshow's picture

Tickets to the "POOL PARTY ONLY" is listed on Ticketmaster.

Onsale to General Public
Start: Mon, 05/20/13 10:00 AM PDT

The link to buy tickets didn't come up at 10am so I called Ticketmaster on phone and asked about tickets and he said I can buy on phone from him and he will look into the online sales.

Tickets were $154.55 for 2 G.A.

The phone to Ticketmaster is 800-745-3000.


nannettee078's picture

Excited !!!!!!

krisfoss's picture

Would be sweet if we could just buy some party tickets

admin's picture

Hi folks - we are working on an updated announcement Monday. Can't say more yet :}

rocknroll's picture

Right now tix to show are only available with the 2 night room package at the Venetian/Palazzo.

krisfoss's picture

Anybody had any luck contacting Sammy people throught email about just pool tickets I live
in Vegas and don't really want to drop half a g on a room for nothing?

pjbirchenough's picture

I am in the same situation...already going to be there which is incredible timing wise, but am committed to another hotel. Pool tix only option?

Nabrldy's picture

Can't wait! Booked at the Venetian.'s picture

Can hardly wait! Gonna be great. 6th time seeing Sammy. Woo Hoo

ramithard's picture

We will be there ...... luv you Sammy !!!

Super.Dave's picture

Already booked into another hotel for that weekend.
Will tickets be offered without hotel stay?

redrockerstalker's picture

Face Down in Vegas

mars357's picture

I am also wondering if you can get into the show without a hotel stay. I'm in Vegas that night but booked a room at another hotel via Hotwire and it's non-refundable. I would love to see this show but can't eat the pre-paid hotel nights. Help me Sammy!

kbierm1's picture

Vegas Baby!!!

Haydenski's picture

Live in Las Vegas. How do you get tickets without the Hotel stay? Want to Rock with Sammy.