Another reason why Sammy is Awesome!!!

July 02, 2013 by stevemindick

Everyone here knows how awesome Sammy is right? If you dont, you`re about to.
Those of you who went to the Venetian show already know this but for those who are just reading this or you`re planning to go to a show, you are in for a great time!!!

So here is a short story about the show we went to in Vegas at the Venetian.

The website and the Venetian both announced that Emeril Lagasse was a part of the show package. It turns out that it wasnt worded right and if you wanted to eat food from Emeril, you had to buy food tickets.

As it turns out, Emeril ended up on stage with Sammy, the crowd loved it.
Anyway, because of the misunderstanding that people thought Emeril was cooking for ticket holders, Sammy, always doing the right thing, went above and beyond awesome on this one. He didnt have to do this because he didnt do anything wrong but, he sent everyone that bought the package deal (tickets and a room at the Venetian) a bottle of his Rum to the room!!!!

Now I dont know about all of you but, if I buy a bottle of Rum Im gonna drink it. BUT... if Sammy sends one to your room as a gift, its going in the glass case at home!! A great show and a great memory, Thanks Sammy you ARE AWESOME!!!
Love ya Brother,
Steve Mindick

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