Past Event

Jun 1 2013
Fontana, CA




Show 11:00AM.

Sammy is heading back to his hometown of Fontana for a stint as the Parade Grand Marshal. This year is the 100 Year Anniversary of the Fontana Days Festival.

The parade starts at 11 a.m. at Arrow Boulevard and Sierra Avenue and progresses south to Merrill Avenue and Veterans Park. Sammy will not be performing at this event.

Click here for the Fontana Herald coverage of the event:



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  • 2013-06-01 @ Fontana's 100th Anniversary @ Veterans Park


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 5  Redhead Comments

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This is great news for fans, I am wondering why no one did care to put this up in Facebook or twitter. It means I am not the only one who did miss out on the things that are happening around here. house cleaning mountain view

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I was very happy when saw the real master of performance. I can’t forget that moment in my life. Projection Glass But I have one thing to say, if he performs on that stage then it will be a great feast for all. I am happy in all aspects.

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Even though Sammy was an expected guest at the event, it was indeed a great pleasure to see him there and it was so evident amongst the spectators. Even if he doesn’t perform, his presence itself can make people go wild.

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He didnt perform! But it was GREAT to see him being honored & the street sign is AWESOME!!! I got a hug and he signed a cd for me!! And said "SEE YA IN CABO" ;) And i will be there in ROCKTOBER!!! R&FNR!!!!

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I'm being told that Sammy did perform, wish I would have known!