Fontana Days Parade 100 Year Celebration

May 21, 2013 by sammyhagar
Fontana Days Parade 100 Year Celebration
Fontana Speedway
February 25, 2007
Photo by Patrick Gee
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Heading back to my hometown of Fontana for a stint as honorary Parade Grand Marshal. How cool is that?! This year they're celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the Fontana Days Parade. If you're nearby, stop on by!

Other festival activities can be found through the link here:

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Fontana Days Parade 100 Year Celebration
Fontana Days Parade 100 years ago.
Fontana Days Parade 100 Year Celebration

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I was so glad to see the Legend performing after a while on an open stage like this, under the daylight. This moment is what I now account as the most memorable day in my life. It was indeed a comeback for Sammy to the Fontana.

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marge64's picture

I was there it was so nice to See Sammy come back to old Fontana. We call it Funtucky now but anyway yes, I tried to get an autograph but, I couldn't take pics and run after him at the same time. I am slow and would never have caught up to him. I am hoping to catch a concert when he comes back at Del Mar but we will see. I went to school with Sammy's Niece we were friends in school but haven't seen her for awhile. She's on my Facebook and we have chatted there but not in person. Thanks Sammy for being there and making time out of your busy schedule to do this. It was awesome.