Past Event

Nov 5 2011




Show 7:00PM.
To view and upload photos and videos from this show, please also visit the Chickenfoot community at PART OF THE CHICKENFOOT NORTH AMERICA ROAD TEST DATES


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 6  Redhead Comments

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What a hell of a time... Great show from start to finish. Sammy was amazing, Joe was the best I have ever seen him. Mike was solid and just seemed to be having fun. Kenny.. well he fits in like an old pair of gitch. He looked really comfortable and did a hell of a job. Give it up for Kenny... Waited in line for 3 hours and it paid off with front row and a great view of the small stage. Sammy thanks for the signature on my Yellow Cabo shirt,and handing the 3rd letter to my wife. They will go on the wall of the Cantina in my basement. The band sounds tight, they once again are just having fun like a band hitting the road for the first time. Can't wait for a posted Toronto area show so we can see them again.

CHI-CABO "Christa P quote" rocked... and yes my ears are still ringing.

cynthiab037's picture

Great show guys! The Cabaret Metro is certainly not the Cabo Wabo but I got Sammy's drift when I got there. Too bad the stage was not set up like at the Cabo Wabo (with the zebra stripes and stuff)! I can't wait to visit Cabo in 2012! There's nothing like the real thing, baby!

tomb072's picture

Going to the Metro with my girlfriend Pam, she got me hooked on Sammy. We haven't seen Sammy since backstage tickets at Thackerville, OK. Can't wait to party at the Metro. See all you redheads at the Metro.

garyshev's picture

Go to him in Cabo. Just got back yesterday Awesome down there. Go once and you'll keep going back.

LisaB's picture

Excited about this show! Always love to see Sammy, just wish he could come around a little more often. :)