Past Event

Nov 4 2011




Show 7:00PM.
To view and upload photos and videos from this show, please also visit the Chickenfoot community at PART OF THE CHICKENFOOT NORTH AMERICA ROAD TEST DATES


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 11 Redhead Comments

Mykl J's picture

First time seeing the 'foot and got Sammy's autograph....rock 'n' roll heaven

CGull0430's picture

I had the best time at the Chickenfoot concert at the Pageant. It was awesome. I am a huge Sammy and the Wabos fan, but really digging Chickenfoot. I met some amazing people in line, Sammy has the best fans. Can't wait to see him again! The Chickenfoot cd is one of my favorites and play it everyday at work!

brendaSTL's picture

Dawn - Woo Hoo! Happy 10-13 girl! Are you hobbling to the show?

brendaSTL's picture

I have an extra GA tic for St. Louis if anybody interested. email me at

JamiefromKS's picture

Anybody looking for tickets to Chickenfoot in St. Louis?
I have a couple of get rid of! Send me an email

DawnSTL's picture

Happy Birthday to me!! Nothing better than spending your 10-13 with SAMMY!!

KLRed's picture

Got our tickets and ready to get down with the Foot. Love the new CD.....Different Devil gives me the chills. Kristy

me's picture

CAnnot wait for this show.....ready to rock it!!!!!

dawnm075's picture

The Pageant's facebook page stated yesterday that it was officially sold out. Sorry!!

sammyjcmofan's picture

I tried to see if any tickets were available for all price ranges & it indicated not available. Is the Pageant show SOLD OUT?

mikea061's picture

ROCK ON BITCHES>>>> just got my FOOT tix .... cant wait see you all there