Past Event

Aug 12 2011
Detroit, MI


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM. No onstage for this event.



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 36 Redhead Comments

dougied's picture

got maybe 5 or 6 songs in before it stormed, kidd rock came out after the storm...Hagar rocked(even though it was cut short)... i did'nt like the kidd rock show much,but, im not a fan of his music either

detroitgal414's picture

YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE FRIDAY NITE! THAT MAN IS WILD!!! full moon too! more energy then when he was 30! I LOVE YOU SAMMY, you were WONDERFUL!!! ALL OF DETROIT LOVES YOU!!! What a gas when you laid down and had your Margaritta's delivered by bone thin models & told them to go eat! lol.... you are ABSOLUTELY better today then EVER!!! 63 and pump'n out the JAMS!!!

gallman1969's picture

Sammy, if you are reading, a song request for "Baby's On Fire". I first introduced my son at 9 years of age to your music with that song. He loves it and would love to hear you play it live at Comerica on the 12th when we come to see the show! You are by far the main event, Kid Rock just an added bonus!!!

wolfy10's picture

Hey Sammy..when you come to Comerica park on friday,can I get up and jam "Thers only one way to rock"? Or am I askin for too got my own Wolfgang guitar.

sweet5150's picture

I want to win SOOO bad!!! Pick me, SAMMY!!!

ken laskosky's picture

We are going to change the venue to Co(bo)merica Park for this night.

dawnj026's picture

Can't wait until the 12th! Love to go backstage or do some dancing on the stage! :)

Beentheretwice36's picture

I am not going tonight.....tomorrow is a O hell yea ! See you on Saturday.

SteveRI's picture

It would be great to win backstage to this concert. Hopefully you don't have to buy a ticket first cause I don't have one...yet.

Zackman's picture

Got my ticket and I can't wait for the show. I hope I win the backstage pass!

cindyh050's picture

kid rock is the bill, he asked Sammy to open for him, and Sammy graciously accepted. WTC.....THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!!

cindyh050's picture

I would Love to know that also....Been to Cabo bash for the last 12 years, NEVER got to meet Sammy....YET, but still HOPING TOO! Never give up on your dreams!!!!

cindyh050's picture

WOW, CONGRATS TO YOU! on stage huh? Well, i got mine presale VIP and paid 250 ea, NOT on stage! I'd like to know how you pulled that one off? Enlighten us for the next time, please!

Shoreguy's picture

Got my tickets to the AC show - can't wait. My birthday's the 11th (the day after) and would've sprung for stage tickets, but they were sold out (can't think of any other artist I would do this for). :(

Does anyone have an "in" that could help me upgrade and/or find a way for a quick meet & greet with Sammy? Sam's my all-time fave and this would really make an AWESOME birthday gift.

Please let me know - thanks!


ronh066's picture

No luck on tickets maybe just go down and hang out before the Saturday night show and see whats floating around. Just hope the Wabos are not hung over from Friday night show.

trouble74's picture

Thats because there are no backstage or onstage passes at the concert ;-)

KellyLasala1's picture

OMG! Sammy and Kid Rock in one night!!!! My dreams have been answered!!!!! Can't wait to see you in Detroit!!!!

Does anyone know how I can enter for the backstage passes that are going to be given away 5 days before the show??? I can't find any info on it!

mcglynn2008's picture

I'm pretty stoked about this show! I've seen Sammy numerous times both with the Wabo's and with VH, and I have seen Kid Rock twice. Both artists put on a spectacular "fan oriented" show. I found that the ticket prices ($49.50) were more than reasonable to see two of my favorite performers, and I had no trouble purchasing good seats when tickets went on sale Saturday morning. Can't wait to see all the redheads in the "D".

Livin it Up's picture

Just got tickets can't wait going to be a great show!!

sherim097's picture

I've seen Sammy 3 times, but I think this will be the best. It's gonna be the Ultimate Summer Beach Bash with Kid Rock on the bill too. The Motor City will be picking sand out of its crack for years to come! First thing on my bucket list is to make it to one of Sammy's birthday bashes at Cabo Wabo, but maybe if I could just meet him upclose in Motown, that'd definitely do the trick. From a "natural redhead," to my favorite redhead, I'm tipping a shot of tequila your way!

johnt042's picture

I knew that having Kid Rock on the bill, especially in Detroit, that it was going to screw up chances of actually getting tickets. Then with the whole Kid Rock presale thing going on.....geez, no luck, I tried and tried and tried but when I finally got to the ticket ordering part of the site, there were no tickets left with 2 seats next to each other. Big bummmer....Sammy, I'm a bit disappointed in you for adding Kid Rock into the mix and making it near impossible for Redheads to get in on this. I hope you come back to Detroit soon without another act headlining.

ROWDYsmoke's picture

Can't wait to see the show. Please get them to sell the Cabo Wabo Tequila at the show or invite all us 20,000 back stage to share in yours.

kat316's picture

Sammy and Kidrock..gonna be a great show!

Logansgram's picture

Tickets did not go on sale weeks ago. Kid Rock fan presale was Tues at 3pm. The released a presale to the KRC on Wednesday, You still have a chance on Sat when it is available to the general public at 10am. 6 pk upper level is 99.00, 30.00 for individual upper deck, 49.50 for lower level and 79.50 for floor general admission. 250.00 for VIP. These other ticket sights are scalpers or promoter who are given a set amount of tickets by contract from the venues. I bought from general public sale last time for Comerica and got tickets. Don't give up.

edwards097's picture

Just purchased 6 tickets today online, presale... ga tickets I went to the last Kidrock shows at Comerica park.. Nothing but spectacular.. And with sammy and the Wabos It's going to be a night to remember. Two of my all time favorites the same night.. You can't beat it.. And I will be in Cabo for a week for all of Sammys bday bash concerts.... Bring it on.... Mas Tequila........

bradf049's picture

Well, Detroit got the shaft again with Sammy, last year he was with aerosmith, now he's opening for Kid Rock. WTF. especially the Kid Rock show, these tickets are almost impossible unless you want to shell out yor left nad. most tickets are sold to just Kid fans who could care less about Sammy.

eandvhowell's picture


Marcia Friemoth's picture

I'm going!!! Don't care where I sit!!! Sammy, Wabos, Kid Rock = an awesome show!!

keiths069's picture

There is a presale that starts June 8th at 10am and ends Friday. Click the link below and use the password provided.

The password is SUMMER

Enjoy!!!! Just reply if you get tickets and let others know about the link and password.

I'm always looking out for fellow Sammy fans. I hope to win the backstage passes that are being given away.

edwards097's picture

This sucks I will be out of town for work. And can't make the sammy/kid rock show at comerica. My fiance will have to record the whole thing for me.. That's ok though because were going to cabo for his birthday bash in october.......

Imarocker's picture

those ticket prices are from a SCALPER site. The GA's are $79 face, $50 lower levels.

charlotter097's picture

that is some bull shit!! how can tickets be available prior to kid rock fan club??? Sammy you should be ashamed of yourself. This is totally not the way you roll!! How are these tickets available???

What are you trying to promote???

We are a dedicated fan of Sammy WOW!!!

robc057's picture

no good tickets left, this show went on sale weeks ago as just Kidd Rock. Any news about a show at The Fox or The Filmore.

Mary Ann's picture

Ya kinda hard to take when it costs 200 to be ON stage. But, it is a Kid Rock Show...and he does put on a good one! It'll be worth it!

johnt042's picture

Okay, I spoke too soon, looks like I won't be going after all. Crap seats start at $110.00 each and anything remotely close to the stage is from $190.00 to $204.00 each. Yikes! WTF?!?!? Who can afford those prices? I've seen Sammy many, many times and the tickets were WAY more affordable before. Must be because Kid Rock is headlining. What a shame. Remember when concert tickets were actually affordable?

johnt042's picture

I am DEFINITELY going to be there!