Past Event

Aug 13 2011
Detroit, MI


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM. No onstage for this event.



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 29 Redhead Comments

k4macdon's picture

Sammy and the band were really on their A-game, too bad the rain came in and cut it short!

Love Quotes's picture

Awesome rocker and nice dude!If you and others inspire more successful "American Dreamers" the world would be a better place!

tsmu72's picture

It was a great show from Sammy until the storm knocked him offstage.

hilariomaccarone's picture

" I love Sammy & Kid is too cool about his support of Detroit. Thanks for all the great music !!"

RoadRnnr69's picture

Sammy and the Wabos were tearing it up until the storm came in!!!! Loved the show as always, see you in October!!!!

Pullmyfinger's picture

Please come back Detroit so you can finish your set! It was fantastic until the storms rolled in! My oldest son bacame a huge fan last night. He said "Dad! Sammy can rock!" I was so proud of him!

mishlnaz's picture

SO disappointed that we didn't get to see your whole set in Detroit last night. I was so looking forward to your performance. Stupid Michigan weather. PLEASE COME BACK TO MICHIGAN SOON!

AQ-33's picture

thunderstorms suck !!! Couldn't wait to see you and show kid rock what concerts are supposed to be like !!! Thunder blows !!! Hurry back to Detroit soon... Sammy !!! Please !!!

jeff rhode's picture

Hey Sammy, this is Jeff Rhode. Looking forward to meeting you tonight. Thanks for the invite, too. Lexi can't wait to meet you.

marvickg's picture

this is a nice post and i like it very much.
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brandendaine's picture

I would really like to meet Sammy backstage. It is very fascinating to meet him.

Beentheretwice36's picture

Happy Birthday Cabobound !!!!

AQ-33's picture

We love ya in Detroit, SAMMY !!! Thanks for makin' it worth going to see !!! YOU DA' MAN !!! See ya there !!!

segroovin's picture

I can only think of a few things cooler than having a wabo with Sammy back stage. Cheers. Good luck to all.

ken laskosky's picture

8/13 Here in Detroit, Wish I could be in Cobo two months later on 10/13 to celebrate Sammy Big B-Day. It'S Going to have to be an early B-Day Party here in the Big D.

Patgalvin's picture

I can't wait....Flying in from LA for the show...

sweet5150's picture

My son would LOVE to meet Sammy...Again!!!

dons047's picture

i will be their august 13 in detroit , to see the best rocker ever , seen him so my times , you cant even count. got married in cabo 10-13-1999,was so great ,met him ,got pitcures signed ,etc etc its going to be a great show with the american badass . hope everybody has a great time. cabodon !!!

CaboBound's picture

10 more days!!!

ken laskosky's picture

We are going to change Comerica Park to Co(bo)merica Park.

CaboBound's picture

The countdown is on ;)

13 days!!!!

lynnc029's picture

I can't wait ! It has been too long Sammy !

cericson's picture

Can't wait, taking my sister who took me in a few years back when I lost my job.

PAYTON24's picture

Thanks for making it back to Michigan! Best of both worlds you and Detroit's own Kid Rock together for 2 shows, thats just rock n roll heaven! PS: please pick me for passes.

limitedjuju's picture

Last time I seen Sammy I was onstage in Grand Rapids for my 50th birthday .....can't wait to see this show! Would be awesome to be backstage.

sweet5150's picture

Please pick us for the backstage giveaway!!! We are celebrating my son's 6th birthday with this being the 4th time he's seeing SAMMY !!!

kjspinner224's picture

My 2 favorites together! It almost brought a tear to my eye!

CaboBound's picture

Can't wait to celebrate my 10/13 5 days later with Sammy & Kid Rock :D

JamminJoe2k2's picture

Looking forward to seeing Sammy and Kid Rock!