Past Event

Jun 3 2011
122 S. Old Pueblo
El Paso, TX


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM.
Lucky 13 Redhead On Stage Giveaway
Listen up! 13 lucky Redheads will be picked at random on May 24th to win a pair of On Stage Tickets for this show. Click 'I AM GOING' to be entered to win. 16 years and older only please.
Good Luck!
UPDATE: Winners have been chosen!
Congratulations to the following 13 Readheads. More information will be sent to you via email. If you have any questions please email


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 60 Redhead Comments

El Pedro's picture

That concert was one of the best I've been to in a long time! I went to the concert when he opened for Krokus at the El Paso Coliseum. He banged his head on a lighting rig and there was blood all over his jumpsuit. He didn't blink an eye and kept on jamming! That was a long time ago. I plan to attend any concert with him at the Cabo Wabo at Lake Tahoe. I'm getting psyched just thinking about it! Later Sammy!

keitha076's picture

Great show...Only one there with RED CaboWabo Las Vegas tee shirt. I was disappointed i was not picked to go on stage.

Jennie's picture

We were on stage with Sammy & he put on a great show for everyone there! It was just awesome & it felt like a dream just being there! Gotta give the Red Rocker so many thanks for visiting El Paso & Speaking Rock for making it possible! Thank you for your autographs Sammy! :)

egammon's picture

What a great show, probably my all time best. Started on front barricade, and thanks to a hookup from a friend, ended up in VIP, standing 15 feet away from the stage. Most importantly, the best vocal quality I've experienced live from Sammy since my first show, a VH concert in 1992 - and that's impressive given I was the KLAQ on stage winner in 1999 at the Chavez and worked security front stage left for BalloonFest in 2003. Band sounded fantastic, nice and tight. Thanks, Sammy, for another great show...from a KSHE poorboy who didn't get to see you in his teen years. And don't sweat El Paso, next time make it for StreetFest.

There's Only One Way to Rock
Top of the World (VH)
Montrose Medley - SS#5 / RC / BMS
Why Can't This Be Love (VH)
Three Lock Box
Right Now (VH)
I've Done Everything For You
I'll Fall In Love Again
Your Love is Driving Me Crazy
Finish What You Started (VH)
Heavy Metal
Mas Tequila
Cabo Wabo Interlude
Encore - I Can't Drive 55
(edited 06/11/11 - typo omission)

joelt024's picture

Rock n Roll

RobertKrimson's picture

I'm there like a monkey on a stick!

Al Balibrera's picture

If anyone cant make it to claim their on stage tix,I live in El Paso and will be taking my 20 yr old son to his first Sammy show and would appreciate a shot at em.Thanks alot and hope everyone enjoys the show!!! Al (915) 727 4095

egammon's picture

40th for me May 27th, 45th for wife June 3rd, have been in the dark and just found out!

kelliwayne's picture

My sister won a pair of the tix! Yahoo... we're goin to El Paso!!

redhagar's picture

I reside in El Paso and will be attending the show, if any of the on stage winners are not able to attend the show please contact me , thanks

joelt024's picture

I will be in El Paso for show. If any of the on stage ticket winners can't make it, I'll be glad to go in your place...just a thought...

MajTom7's picture

Just wondering if they'll pick alternates if any of the original 13 are unable to go or will they let those people give away their prizes?

rcpoole57's picture

Well I'm really bummed....I'm just not lucky.
Sorry, Congratulations to the winners! You'll have a blast. We bought on-stage for the opening of Tahoe. It still seems kind of like a dream. Very different perspective up there.

So I guess there's no need to get there real early if you can't even get up front.

davq's picture

So who won? Either way Im planning a big party for the concert. Should be a blast! Never dissapointed with a Sammy show!

Corinne's picture

Who won??

admin's picture

Hey there Redheads! We'll be doing the drawing tomorrow. Sorry for the delay!

flmxtr's picture

So did anyone hear anything yet? I know you're all looking. Who won the on-stage?

TexQuila's picture

Parking can be an issue. Just show up early and head for the Speaking Rock Casino lobby area, you'll find something to do there. State of Texas outlawed gambling within the tribal borders years ago. So, all we have now is the bar..... Oh what to do?....... hmmmmmm

joelt024's picture

and the winners are...

txdiscgolfer's picture

C'mon...c'mon (rubbing rabbits foot)...needing a grad present for my best friend. 46yo and he fulfilled a dream. (gathering up all karma)... On stage...on stage...

NoraKane's picture


NoraKane's picture


NoraKane's picture

Good luck to everyone withwinning onstage tickets!

bigal3's picture

have to work but i think don't i'm going to make it in that night got a feeling i might get that 24 hr bug that's been going around

txdiscgolfer's picture

Road trip! Dallas to El Paso to Tucson. Driving with the top down and the Hagar loud!

redhagar's picture

The outdoor concerts are held in the parking lot and the gates usually open at 5:30- 6:00..

flmxtr's picture

Thanks so much for the info. I've been emailing, and even went to Speaking Rock, they didn't say a word................ So how early do folks line up for the big shows???????????? I've waited in line for Sammy over 30 hrs a number of times.

Thanks again for the info!

Ed Violick's picture

10 hour road trip from Palm Springs, Ca to El Paso,TX for my 70th Sammy show! It's going to be great. Winning the on stage tickets would be so awesome!!!!

chuparosa2009's picture

Just a heads up for all the fellow readheads who are are coming in from out of town for the show..Speaking Rock is an Indian casino. It does not have any gaming tables, only slots..having said that the free concerts have a vip section right in the front of the stage, and this is reserved for the native americans..So, even if you get to the venue early ( which is highly recommended since it will get packed) you will more than likely not be an up front fanatic ! Hate to be a Debbie Downer..on the positive side it is free and it is the red rocker himself!

atfoxsports's picture

I have followed Sammy Hagar from El Paso back in 98 to California to Arizona to Dallas and now in El Paso. MAS TEQUILA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ktanton's picture

Texas is big but I will be traveling across it from Austin to get me some Sammy!!!! I am turning 50 in June and meeting Sammy is on my bucket list...El Paso here I come...

TexQuila's picture

I saw STP at Speaking Rock. The place was packed. Now I get to see the Red Rocker. Two more weeks.

My condolences to John Carter and his family.

dlampman's picture

Love Sammy

dlampman's picture

Love Sammy

TexQuila's picture

Some of those El Paso roads are rough. But once you find that smoothe surface and put it in gear, Sammy Hagar and those country roads are something more than just a Sunday ride.

donnietajoe's picture

im in!

Suzettefan's picture

I am going! I will be there!!! Whooo hooo! Welcome to Texas!

Suzettefan's picture

I am going! I will be there!!! Whooo hooo!!! Welcome to Texas!

davq's picture

I love Sammy!!!!!! I will be there, like everytime he's in the area. Looking forward to it. Please play Both sides now Sam! See ya on thne 3rd!

SPRAY's picture


marys031's picture

Pick me, pick me!

fiddy1fiddy's picture

Road trip!! I'll be driving down from Albuquerque, staying that Friday in El Paso, then onto Tucson on Saturday. Did anybody else notice that this is a FREE show in El Paso? :>)

rcpoole57's picture

Has anyone been to this venue? It appears to be a parking lot...Do they set up a stage in the corner of the parking lot?

LauraRocks13's picture

Just so happens I am flying into El Paso too ;)

You know I will be there!!!!! Would not miss it! Time to call all my old friends to let them know you are coming to town. We are going to have one heck of a Cabo Style Fiesta in the southern New Mexico/El Paso area and then cant wait to get together with my friends from Arizona too;).. See Ya all in few more weeks !!!

rcpoole57's picture

I can't believe Sammy's coming to El Paso!!!!!!!

See ya there.

msegov2's picture

Oh yeah!!! I'm there!!!

Linda Kristine's picture


NoraKane's picture

Can you say Road Trip! Phoenix will be in the house!!!!

tgibbs's picture


69erMarcus's picture

I am going