El Paso, Texas June 3

June 08, 2011 by LauraRocks13

Sammy Rocked El Paso just like the old days. Funny he told the story about when he came in 1983 and he hit his head and had to get stitches. That was the first concert that I attended with my older sister. I have been a Sammy Hagar fan for over 28 years ! Had a great time. It was great to see Sammy with Wabos again. They all looked like they were having and amazing time.

Sammy started cracking up in one of the songs, and I felt that he just let loose. It was really fun to see him have a good time on stage. The entire show just pumped me up for the next night in Tucson, which I had originally planned on going to see. Will Blog soon about that night.

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