Many thanks from an El Paso fan!

June 07, 2011 by Jerryno55
Many thanks from an El Paso fan!
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Sammy & the Wabos! Thank you so so much for the great time in El Paso. I got five autographs and some great pics with you that i will post up soon. Best day of my life next to the day my beautiful daughter was born. Again thank you so much for your humble nature in taking time to sign autographs for me, posing for a pic with me and letting me sing with you on "top of the world"! Shout out to Rich without whom i'd not have gotten on stage. Rock on Rich! Rock on REDheads! Rock on Sam, Mona, Vick and Bro!!!

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Many thanks from an El Paso fan!
Many thanks from an El Paso fan!

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hey! i saw ur pics on here :). that would be awesome i'll tell her about it. we'll keep in touch here in case we go we could all hang out again. take care :).

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Jerry! It's the 2 sisters from Tahoe! Enjoyed meeting u and kristy...maybe we'll see you in Tahoe in september? Tell kristy hi!