Past Event

Apr 30 2011
850 Bayview Avenue
Biloxi, MS


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM.



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 67 Redhead Comments

katie23's picture

Tickets from NY to Biloxi, my favorite white dress I bought in Cabo, 2 front Row seats , my husband's beautiful beaming smile, seeing SAMMY HAGAR , VIC, MONA and DAVID give us the concert of our LIFETIME -PRICELESS.THANK YOU !!!!!!!!YOU ROCK

trixieleigh's picture

All I have to say is...WOW...what a night!!!!!

jeanniec039's picture

Great show! Wonderful with the crowd! Sammy signed lots of of my favorite concerts ever seen along with Bon Jovi! Both concerts worth every penny!

No MA No VH's picture

Great show Saturday night. He sang all the favorites. There is nothing like seeing and hearing "Heavy Metal" played live. Played for about 2 hours. I can only hope that I can still rock when I'm 64!!

ronwen4's picture

This was my 1st Sammy Hagar concert!! I was blown away!! My BEST concert ever !!! What a way to celebrate me & My Husbands 10th Anniversary !!! Sammy you ROCKED us out !!!! WE came from New Orleans Louisiana to see the concert. I hope I will be able to see Sammy again either in Miss. or Louisiana !!

sland's picture

What an awesome performance! The fans were great. Sammy rocked the house. He is definitely a fan favorite! I will see him again!

sammychick's picture

Absolutely amazing show!! Played 2 hours!!! Got waborita, kiss, and drumstick!! No sign of him at Chill ultra lounge.

sammychick's picture

Sammy was a no-show at the pool party! :-(

Tucdog's picture

Congrats.. We are up from Fl for Sammy. Any info on pool party?

K Baldwin's picture

And let the post birthday bash continue!!!!! What a birthday present!!! Can't wait to party with Sammy and all the Redrockers!!!!!!!!!!!! See ya"ll tonight! I want to meet Sammy!!! Meet a VET!!!!!! Come on

david-marshall's picture

Headed to Biloxi now. Is there a password are anything special to access the pool party fun?

deadeye4142's picture

Congrats Karen......Its almost time R O C K! ! ! ! ! be in Biloxi soon as I get off work in the morning. Lookin forward to the Barside pool...I mean Poolside Bar! ! ! ! lol See ya there everyone...!

Harleymomma08's picture

Congrats Karen!!! You are 1 lucky girl!!!

karen brazelton's picture

Thanks Guys I'm so excited!!! I was in shock when i opened my email and saw that i had won!!! I will thank him for each and every one of us for the message he gives and what he brings to us all!

RaRaLuvsSammy's picture

Congrats Karen on the win! Wish it was me but hope you have the experience of a lifetime!
Leaving Tulsa for Biloxi early Friday the Biloxi / Gulfport area! Gonna see some family and party hard ON STAGE with my awesome husband.

david-marshall's picture

Live in Central MS but working in Amarillo, TX this week. Will drive home Friday, pick up the wife and head to Biloxi Sat morning. It's a must to be at the pool party. This will be our 1st Sammy concert. Can't wait.

alcross5150's picture

SAMM_-AYY Yo Im the disabled Vet that is a veteran pranker for Howard Stern. Ill be there withthe Big BABA BOOEY sign!! Hope to party with you with some of that Humboldt County funk!!

trixieleigh's picture

I'm live in Charlotte too, so look forward to seeing a fellow Carolinaian there!!!

51504sam's picture

Congrats Karen!! I hope you have an awesome time backstage w/ our main man... If you would, at least tell him for all the Redhead fans out there, a HUGE-THANK YOU, for everything he has done for all our lives. I will leave it at that...

MAS TEQUILA!! C U Face Down in Biloxi!!


JOANNEB075's picture

Please just once pick me...I am so excited to be going to Biloxi, my first time there and we are driving form Charlotte NC leaving in the morning....can't wait to see my RedHead Family! XOXOXOX Love you guys :)

Rarecat's picture

Please please please let me win the backstage passes....wishin, hoping and prayin....only a few more days to go!!!!!

No MA No VH's picture

Was looking at the Mad Anthony site and see that he will join Sammy in May.
I hate that we are going to miss that.
It is more than enough with Sammy, but it would be over the top with Mikey on board.
I would love to hear some cuts from Standing Hampton(Can't Get Loose).

folze5's picture

Saw Sammy in Dayton Ohio for the marching to mars tour only about two thousand fans Sammy rocked made drinks onstage for his fans great time and ge financed the tour himself loved your energy sammy

prestonm099's picture

Got a baby sitter. Got my stage tickets. Got tequila. Now im ready to rock with my favorite rocker on the planet!!

51504sam's picture

Tomorrow should be the day that the back stage pass is picked, bring home the bacon!!

IMJimmyJams's picture

Any chance of a book signing for the Biloxi area? Unfortunately, I can't afford the $75+ price for a ticket to see the show, but would do anything to for a quick meeting to sign my book.
Thanks for the many years of kick ass R-n-R!!!!!
Keep rockin, hoping to see you on another tour.

heedelahanty's picture

Thanks a lot man for informing us about this rocking show. Only 5 days to go. I am damn excited about it. Plz keep updating.Lancaster PA Resort

dmerrell2000's picture

I'm flying into Mobile at 1050am solo also. Meeting my friend there after 11am. If you find somewere cool to hangout before the show, let me know. Were staying at Wingate by Wyndham... Sammy!!!

deadeye4142's picture

Can't wait til the 30th. Ready to R O C K in Biloxi! ! !

trixieleigh's picture

I'm flying in at 9am solo, so if anyone wants to meet up at a specific bar, I'm game to start at any time!!!!

Haven't seen Sammy solo since the DLR tour in '02, so I'm pumped. I hope we can take pics and video too.

cityengr's picture

There is a good bar in the casino.... need to party it up before the concert. Did this two years ago at the Beau... Still have the set list hanging on the wall. Going to bring the wife for her first Red experience... hope we all can make it fun for her.... see you on stage...

51504sam's picture

You know, I have been thinking about that a lot. He has so much material from over the years, but, my take will be some old like turn up the music, mas tequila, a VH song or 2, and I am hoping to hear a Chickenfoot song.

Anyone else??

trixieleigh's picture

Anyone have any ideas on a setlist???

nola5150's picture


sland's picture

Bought my tickets today. Can't wait to see Sammy live. This will be my first time seeing the Red Rocker in concert.

Rarecat's picture

I'm ready NOW!!! Can't wait, this is gonna be great!

katie23's picture

Counting down the days till we see Sammy.24 days to go. Our count down begins!!

katie23's picture

Thanks so much for the help. SOOOOO excited to see the show counting down the days till April 30. I bought the book too. Amazing

51504sam's picture

My understanding is, that when you clicked the "I'm Going" button, you are automatically enter to win the chance of a life time, to meet the Man Himself!

Just to add something, Redheads-if you have NOT gotten Sammys book, your missing out! I knocked it out in 2 days, and I don't like reading, I just could not put it down... Go get it today, I am telling you! Absolutely amazing...

katie23's picture

Would love to win backstage pass for my husband how do you register to win?

katie23's picture

Hope to be seeing him April 30. Bought my husband tickets for Xmas best present ever.

jeanniec039's picture

Just got the fourth row tickets 04/30th Imperial Palace. I would love to get the book autographed! Please play Give to Live.

JOANNEB075's picture

Just once my Dream would be to be picked for the back stage prize...please pick me!

amaso's picture

Well the show seems a nice one indeed and it would be great if got a chance to have a visit. Thanks for the update and keep informing us about new shows.
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Harleymomma08's picture

Your best bet is to fly to New Orleans and rent a car - Biloxi is 1-1/2hr away. I've never been to Biloxi so I'm not sure of their airport situation?

or fly to Houston - may get a cheaper air fare and rent a car - you can stop at Kinder, LA see Sammy on the 29th then drive to Biloxi (there will be a caravan of cars) and see him again on the 30th. Kinder, LA is 4 hrs away from Houston and Biloxi is 7 to 8 hrs away from Houston, Texas

just a couple of suggestions.

andrews059's picture

im going to travel from australia for this show . where do i fly to get there?

kaplanguy40's picture

What you really meant was, is it not Oct. yet? Wez already booked Cabo

elisabethb090's picture

We're ready to rock!! Can't wait until April 30th!! Thanks for coming to the Gulf Coast to rock with us Sammy!! WE LOVE YOU!!

Harleymomma08's picture

Is it April yet? I need my Sammy fix!

karen brazelton's picture