Stalking Sammy Hagar

May 02, 2011 by tima018
Stalking Sammy Hagar
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This weekend I headed to Louisiana and Mississippi with Steve Mikula and Debbie King for 2 Sammy Hagar shows.
But first let me say Happy day Sunday upon my return home to hear Osama Bin Laden is a DEAD man! What a great thing I hope he enjoys his 72 virgins in HELL. I am laughing my a_ _ off. Also some tears for the ones we lost may God give you peace.
OK back to the fun.
Friday we packed up the 4Runner and headed to Kinder, LA for a Sammy Hagar and The Waborita's show at the Coushatta Casino. Thanks to my good friend Mackey for getting us comp tickets to the show and a good deal on a room for the night. The Casino and Hotel not much to talk about except DO NOT go there, kind of gank(especially the room). The venue for the show was expansive and set up great for sound but I have not sat so far back for a show in years(no complaints free tickets).
Great show for Sammy and the band being the first show in months the band was on it.
Saturday morning the road trip continued. We took back roads to New Orleans passing through small towns like Sword, Mallet and Eunice. Once we made it to New Orleans we had lunch at Olde N'awlins Cookery for some Cajun lunch, fried oyster Po-boy and Gumbo. Yum. Then a quick stop at Pat O'brien's for a Hurricane. We sucked down the Hurricanes and headed to Cafe Du Monde for coffee and beigents. Walked through Jackson Square I got a strawberry daiquiri for the ride on to Biloxi, MS and the IP Casino.
"On Stage" with Sammy and the Wabo's at Studio A in the IP Casino, this venue was fantastic. What a blast! The best experience on stage for me to date. The Redheads(for those who don't know are Sammy fans) were awesome as we waited in line for our passes and goodies. In a twist of fate I dropped my pictures I brought for autographs in between a wall and counter and they were lost forever or until someone tears down the wall. and no time to get extras from the truck. As luck would have it Ken the rep for Sammy came buy and said we had 10 minutes till heading on stage. I took of running though the Casino, parking lot and back in time with more pictures and ready for the show.
The show was one of the best Sammy shows I have seen, Sammy's voice was amazing for a 63 year old rocker. Kicking the show off with his favorite song "Red" and continued on with many of his hits. He was wearing a t-shirt both nights that was really cool and would sell like hot cakes if he puts it out. The front said "Close Encounters of the Red Kind" and a picture of an alien. On the back was "Green ain't Mean Compared to Red", gotta get one of these shirts. As Sammy rolled trough the songs he was signing every one's paraphernalia. Talked about his new #1 on the New York Times Bestseller book, fried everything in Louisiana, Rick Springfield recording his song "I've done everything for You" which bombed for Sammy but went as far as #5 on thr charts. He said he asked Rick one occasion why his recording went so far up the charts,Rick said because I am better looking, Sammy said not any longer. Vic Johnson the fantastic guitarist for he Wabo's was great, I showed him an 8X10 of him I took at the birthday bash last year. At the first break when Sammy was telling a story Vic came over and said "What ya got for me?" I pulled out the picture and he signed it. Steve asked him for a pic and Vic handed him the one he had. Sammy came though the On Stage crowd taking pictures, signing everything people put in front of him, hugging, shaking hands loving on his fans. He signed a picture I took of him and Michael Anthony at the Birthday Bash last October. He also signed my Birthday Bash t-shirt. Oh and did I mention the Waitresses?? Very nice and one of the Waitresses gave me on of the margaritas Sammy made on the stage bar. Damn good Rita if I must say(I shared with Deb and Steve). The encore started with Waboritaville a little twist to Margaritaville then "I can't drive 55" and finally "Cabo Wabo" with just Sammy singing no drums or gutairs. I also walked off with the set list from the drum riser. A load of stuff from the Redrocker and the Wabo's. Where else can I see him this year???? Staci said no Cabo trip "it's off your bucket list". DAMN IT.

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Stalking Sammy Hagar
Stalking Sammy Hagar