Past Event

Apr 29 2011
777 Coushatta Dr
Kinder, LA


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM.



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 28 Redhead Comments

jeffw029's picture

This, in my opinion was the best show I have seen Sammy do in years ! He was fresh, his voice was amazing, he truely looked happy to be on the stage again. Let me tell you something, I first saw this guy in St. Louis 31 years ago, and he is one of a handful of true professionals left. This man gives you 100% wheather it be 1000 people in attendance or 22,000 !

TJMaturin's picture

Best concert I have ever been to. Sammy is the greatest! He signed my book! Sammy has always been my favorite singer, even before Van Halen. I can't even begin to describe how great that show was! My wife and I had a blast. Redheads Rule!

lords's picture

I had a great time and Sammy rocked the stage. I hope to see more shows in the future.

baldredhead's picture

You like me, I seen Sammy with VH on the 5150 Tour, but have never got to see him solo. Truley, A DREAM COME TRUE for me too. We on the front row too! Probably see ya there.

TJMaturin's picture

GONNA BE FRONT ROW!!! Sammy is the best singer in the world! This is a dream come true for me. I saw him with Van Halen in 2004 from the nose bleed, but for me this was the best concert ever. Tonight is going to be AWSOME! My wife and I will have a blast!!!!'s picture

We are leaving Austin right now!! So Ready TO ROCK. Haven't seen Sammy since Livin' It Up Tour in 06 (way too long!) & my husband will be losing his Hagar concert virginity Tonight - WOOHOO!! We'll check y'all out at the pre party if we can.!!

Harleymomma08's picture

We are so ready...drinking Cabo right now getting ready

baldredhead's picture

Counting down the minutes to Coushatta. SHAKA DOOBIE REDHEADS!

Harleymomma08's picture

Just stop bye the pre-party and introduce yourself. We hope to have a great turn out!

arnoldsj316's picture

Hey dudes, really looking forward to the show. Here's my thing. A bunch of us have a thing in Nacogdoches that saturday morning and I'm the only one riding up there to catch Sammy. This seems like a legit crowd so I was wondering if any of us could meet up in Kinder and hang out at the show? I'm not one of those weirdo's just the only Sammy fan in my crowd. Just PM me if you don't mind. If not, see you guys there!

Harleymomma08's picture

Redheads Party Mardi Gras style - Coushatta Pre-Party April 29th
It will be at the Chairman's room from 5ish to 7:30. Please stop by to say hello and meet fellow Redheads.

51504sam's picture

11 days, Shaka Doobie...

Harleymomma08's picture

Counting down to the Coushatta. Can't wait to see everyone!

berry123's picture

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jillby unboxed's picture

We ARE going!!!!
Then to Cabo in October. Unsure about those tix, but we'll b in Cabo!!
(now if I could just find a photo under 2MB to post!)

jillby unboxed's picture

Hey Randy............did you get tix??
PM me if you didn't

carolynb093's picture

My husband and I are going and we will be on stage this time. I can't wait!

paul johnson's picture

IMM BE BACKSTAGE AND ON STAGE HAHA !!! Dont be jealous fellow Redhead

paul johnson's picture

IMM BE BACKSTAGE AND ON STAGE HAHA !!! Dont be jealous fellow Redhead

Harleymomma08's picture

Redrocker Admin? You are showing Paul as the Backstage winner but I thought it was chosen 5 days before the show? What's up??

baldredhead's picture

Gonna be on the FRONT ROW at the Coushatta Casino show in Kinder Louisiana! Kain't Wait!!!

kaplanguy40's picture

password is redrocker,all 1 word

zlq1963's picture

I can't find a presale code to get my tickets before they go on sale tomorrow for Kinder. Does anyone know how to get the code?

CaboWaboRandy's picture

I didn't receive the promo code for ordering these tickets pre-sale...anyone have any ideas?


51504sam's picture

back to back shows, gonna be a rock-n-roll weekend...

kaplanguy40's picture

Was just wondering how you got picked for the backstage pass,when the winner is usually picked 5 days before the show and the Coushatta show is still 2 months away? Just questioning.

paul johnson's picture

Same her Kaplan guy,been halfway around the to see sammy several times...and I actually live in kinder WWWOOOOWWWWW !!!

kaplanguy40's picture

We have traveled half way around the world to see Sammy including Cabo,which we are gone again this year and now Sammy is coming to my back yard,Dam rite wez going but we can not wait till October,Cabo San Lucas is a AWESOME place.