Past Event

Aug 8 2003
Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
Houston, Texas


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

Thanks to Tony Gimmellie for the set list!



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First, we would like to wish Gary a speedy recovery. Now for Sammy, what a show! We celebrated our anniversary with "Stage tickets" and we are so happy we did. Sammy, Mona, Vic, Jesse, & David all came out said hello and we took the group shot. Thank all of ya'll for making this day so special. We made a red & yellow banner that read "SAMMY FOR PRESIDENT" with two small American flags on it. My husband threw it at Sammy's feet and he picked it up and read it. Sammy looked at us and said, "Oh Shit! PRESSURE!!!" then he showed the banner to us "stage fanatics" and we went crazy. Then he turned around and showed the crowd. They went ballistic! He had everyone standing & cheering. He went on to wish Arnold good luck, then he proudly wrapped the banner around his waist and started singing. Sammy played for 2 hrs and we enjoyed every minute. Sammy is a true performer in every possible way. Thank you Sammy & the Waboritas for making our dreams come true!

See Ya In Cabo!
Steve & Norma Richardson


We are in need of Houston pictures! Stage cameras did not work? Please forward any Houston pictures to Thank you so much!!

WOW...Where do I begin. Lynyrd Skynyrd and Sammy Hagar are my 2 favorite music entities EVER. I've seen Skynyrd 29 and Sammy 14 times each. So when I heard they were touring together, I was VERY happy. I was to see them twice on this tour, Beaumont, Tx and Houston,TX. When Gary Rossington started not feeling well they cancelled Beaumont altogether, and Sammy was left by himself for the rest of the tour. I was VERY bummed out.

On Friday August 6th, 2003, Sammy proved once again why he's my rock-n-roll hero, and he and the Waborita's made me a VERY happy man. From One Way To Rock to Heavy Metal, and everything in between, Sammy and the Waborita's rocked their asses off for over 2 hours. Sammy wore and signed just about everything that was handed to him...hats, shirts, flags, beach balls, lots and lots of G-Strings, and a sign that said "Redheads Rule The Internet!!!" He even got an old school Rainbow colored Astros Jersey...with #1HAGAR on the back that drew a hell of a cheer from the crowd. The Woodlands Pavilion is a wonderful place for a concert, and we got a BEAUTIFUL lightning storm with no rain directly behind the stage for an opening act, along with Kings X and Roger Clyne & the Peace Makers.

The crowd behind the band adds a new dimension to the concert experience and I fell in lust everytime a new waitress/godess walked across the stage to bring Sammy a drink. All in all, it was another great night at a Sammy Hagar concert.

A special thanks to Sammy for mentioning Gary and the Skynyrd Guys. In fact he did it a couple of times. I can't wait for the next tour.

Barry - Beaumont, Tx.


I think I've seen Sammy on every tour since his first one with VH and I have to say, that I think he just keeps getting better. You can really tell that he absolutely loves his job.....who wouldn't? I don't know where he gets his energy from, but he was "on" the entire show. There is no performer out there that gets their audience more involved than Sammy. Two incidents stood out as to just the type of guy Sammy is. At one point in the show, he handed a little girl a bottle of Gatorade that was up front. Later in the show, when he climbed up in the risers behind the drums, he took a snap-shot of himself and a little boy who was obviously having a great time up there. What a great guy….those kids will never forget that.
About the show. It was great, but cut short. The 11pm curfew had us wanting more. The sound was good (from the lawn at least). We managed to avoid the lingering thunderstorms, which looked quite threatening. The set list was good. I would like to see it switch up a bit. He has so many great songs, he could change half the set-list and still put on a show of great hits. But the current list is a good one and it was another great show. I can't wait until next year.

Steve Grant


What an awesome show!! Worried about rain, lit up by lightning, and rocked by Sammy and the Wabo's all night long. Great show. The band played their hearts out. This was my second time to see Sammy, the first being the Sam and who? Tour last year. The show gets better every year. From One Way To Rock all the way down the long road to Cabo Wabo, the show was great, the crowd was awesome. I was surprised as hell when Sammy sat down and tore up the Sitar on his solo. Bad Motor Scooter was also a great surprise. Cannot wait until Sammy and the Waboritas make it back to Houston again. Thanks for an awesome show.

-Larry Martin
Incredible, Outrageous, Unbelievable!!


On stage, with the band and with my son was the best experience. Sammy and the gang put on one heck of a show. It was really cool that he talked with my son before the show, and let him take a picture of him when he climbed up in the risers. I’m proud to be a Red Rocker, and I’m proud to say that my son is too!! It is a treat to be able to share great music and a class act like Sammy with your son! Unforgettable

Thanks Sammy!!
D. Cummings