Past Event

Aug 9 2003
Smirnoff Music Center
Dallas, Texas


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.



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 1  Redhead Comment

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Sammy and the Wabos LIVE!!!

What a great night. The weather in Dallas was blessed by overcast skies and 80 degree temps after a week of 100's. Before the show REDHEADS were everywhere. Just before the show our gang got together and watched SAMMY on EMERIL cook up some serious CABO WABO Pizza while we made up as many Waboritas as possible before we split for the show. Check for re-runs if you missed it, its definitely worth watching and eating. Going in my wife and I met a couple who had flown in from Florida who were also serious REDHEADS sitting 5th row but they managed to get Front Row Center by the time the show kicked off. They were in awe. My wife nearly 6 months pregnant sat 2nd row while I went Front Row center and did SAMMY's voice sound better than ever!!! He even played I'm Falling in Love Again off Standing Hampton. Awesome. The crowd packed in for 2 hours of a non-stop party. Mona, Jesse and Vic you guys were incredible. Sammy you have got quite a following in Dallas. Someone threw up a black and red #55 football jersey with Hagar on it which he wore along with an American Flag Doo-Rag for the first half of the show. But the highlight of the show for me was seeing Sammy get so close to the fans. He high fived everyone and when I asked for an autograph and my sharpie stopped another Redhead picked me up with a backup and Sammy graciously signed a picture I had taken of him at the Bronco Bowl show back in November 2000, and he even held it up to the crowd and complimented what great fans he had. The set was great and we only hope he comes back and plays again soon. I also hope he considers playing at NEXT STAGE on a future visit. This was my wife's 12th show and my 24th show! We also initiated two new REDHEADS and brought two more back from last year. THANKS SAMMY you are truly the best LIVE show on the planet! You don't need to bring anyone but the WABOS with you on tour!
SAMMY LIVE is like good tequila it gets even better with age!! Thanks also SAMMY and the WABOS for taking time away from your families every year to bring CABO to DALLAS!

Lyol and Amy Brumby
Mansfield, TX