Past Event

Jul 27 2003
Tweeter Center For The Performing Arts
Mansfield, Massachusetts


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

Thanks to John Lorusso and Luffy for the set list!



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 1  Redhead Comment

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What can I say?
Sammy Hagar knows how to put on a rock concert plain and simple. After seeing him last year with David Lee Roth, I left the venue knowing full well who the better singer/performer was. No doubt about it, it was Sammy by unanimous decision.

Now almost one full year later sammy continues to amaze me.
For a guy in his mid 50's you never would know it. He still sings like he did when he and Eddie Van Halen were best friends and has gotten tighter with his band over the past few years. Vic plays a style of guitar thats his own, he doesn't try to be Eddie on the VH songs they play, he just stays within himself and I totally respect that. Kudos to him.

My only wish was that fellow ex-Van Halen member Michael Anthony wasn't a part as well as another Van Halen casualty Gary Cherone.

With the greatness of a Sammy Hagar and the Waborita show comes the hope that maybe someday we will see Sammy and Mike back with Van Halen doing more of the best music that any of them have done in their careers together once again.

-Greg Hill


I always know I'm going to have a great time at a Sammy show--but until I'm there and it's underway, I just forget how much of a good time it always is!!!! This time was even more special than any other. My wife and I were celebrating our first wedding anniversary that day. We made a banner saying "Bruce and K.Lee celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary with Sammy and the Wabo's"----So we sneak the thing in and during the first song I run to the front and toss it on stage at Vic's feet. Security got me but let me go if I promised to be a good boy. After the second song Sammy finds it and displays it to the crowd. Then he makes a sarong out of it and wears it for the next 9 or 10 song!! I
was great.

You can see the photos on

But review wise---it was great as always and I can't wait to go again......Waitress!!!!!!!! p.s. if anyone has more photos of our banner post them on the site..

Bruce & K.Lee


Where do I start? All I can say is, being an Onstage Fun Addict is unfrickenreal!!!!!!! We were brought to the meet and greet area and everyone was jacked and pumped. Sammy's managers hooked us up with an ice cold Waborita, our Fun Addicts T-shirt, and our autographed laminates. Sammy and the Wabos then came out and we all got high fives from The Red Rocker and took the customary group picture. Sammy liked the Hagar Hard Hat and signed it in what else Red! Sammy is the coolest celebrity I've met. He is all about fun and his fans. What more could you ask for. Never thought I'd get the opportunity to meet him, but I did and it was AWESOME!!!!

They lined us up, gave us our Red Rocker cameras and brought us onstage. Kim, Ken, his wife and I ended up front row center on the riser. David Lauser came out and gave us all high fives. Mona, Jesse, and Vic then came out and were ready to rip it up! Finally Mr. Cabo Wabo himself came out and ripped into One Way To Rock! The band seemed really tight. Next came Shaka Doobie a song I have really grown to like since it first came out on Ten 13. Next was 3 Lock Box and then Rainy Day Woman. They did their version electric and it was a little hard to hear the lyrics. They then blew into Top of The World. What a great song! Next up was Let Sally Drive, which we could have done without, got to be something better he can pull out of his 3 decade catalog. Next they went into Bad Motor Scooter. Great tune and the Skynyrd fans were digging it. He then slowed things up with a great Eagles Fly acoustic. I love that song more each time I hear it. Hope he gets to the point where he switches his acoustic up every other night with Give To Live like he did in his VH days pre-Balance. After the band joined him to close out the song electric, next up was Right Now, which is one of my all time favorite songs! Sammy was signing everything during this one! Next up was Little White Lie and then Dreams! Sammy got half way through and came up into the Fun Addicts bleacher. He was right behind me and posed for pictures with Ken and I! I said to Sammy "Let's sing!" He put the mic in front of me and I started singing one of the most meaningful songs to me! Ken joined in and we should be hired immediately as background singers, LOL! Next up was I Can't Drive 55! Sammy pointed at my Hagar Hard Hat as he went into the solo! So cool! The bleacher was ROCKING! Next up was Mas Tequila and the place went nuts! He closed out his main set with his rap about leaving his girl, he and Ed smoking a J and writing the song, ripping ol' Diamond Dud, still like the "You Gotta Reach Down Between Your Legs, Ease The Seat Back!" Rap is a little too long and after hearing it for a third time, the placement at the end of the show slowed things down a bit. Not withstanding a great version of Finish What Ya Started. They came out for the encore of Heavy Metal which I love! Fantastic time and would do it again in a second! Sammy really won over the Skynyrd fans who all seemed to be having a great time! It seemed like they were only getting started when the set came to a close. It is time for him to go out on his own and do the 2-2.5 hour show he did before last year! Thank you to Sammy, The Wabos and especially his Road Manager who did the right thing.

John Lorusso


Sammy was awesome as usual and the new stage setup looked great. The sound
of the band was top notch and Sammy's energy just had everyone on their feet
from the first song (There's Only One Way To Rock). I wish Sammy had closed
the show or could have played longer because with so many great tunes he has
in his catalog you almost never hear all of your favorites. Sammy keep
rockin' and putting out new music. I hope radio will stop holding some great
songs hostage from their listeners.

A Forever Fan
Steve Piaseczny


What a showmanship!!!!!
You feel the energy at its peek when they open the curtain , I couldn't believe it after all this time I was Front row, Below Victor and Sammy.
I made a sheet banner for Sammy to reconize me as the Cranberry Man!1 I should him it and he suggested to throw it up on stage !!. so I did
He played for about an Hour and then he held it up during Dreams and wrapped it around his neck like a cape , the banner said " Cape cod Cranberry Man #1 Sammy Fan"

I loved every minute of it . He is a great human and what a performer .One of The Waitress was a childhood neighbor WOWO has she grown up!!! Poundcake all the way. What a show 12 of us went there to support Sammy , and as always he put on one hell of a show


The Cranberry Man
PS if any other redheads have any photos to share please email me at


All is I can say RED ROCKER ROCKS!!!
I brought my 8 yr old son Christian and we were at the stage on Vics side Sammy
saw Christian singing top of the world and doubled back to shake his hand.
That was the most awesome experience for me as well as Christian even Vic acknowledge him a few times.
Thanks so much guys .
The show kicks ass as usual.
Every year it gets better.
If any one has front row pics with us I would appreciate a line.
Sammy is truley a fan man and a showman.
Hope he comes next year? or sooner.
Craig Boudreaux
North Attleboro Mass


Another fabulous show. Sammy only occasionally stopped to take a breath and have a drink. No one packs so much energy into a show like Sammy. Great sound and great setlist. As usual, everyone looked like they were having a good time. Sat close enough to be sprayed with one of Sammy's margueritas. I land in Cabo on October 8th this year. See you all there!!
The set list for the show was pretty similar to the rest that I have seen
with the exception of no Shaka Doobie. Besides that there was no complaints
about this show. Sammy made mention that every time he plays in Mansfield
it is still daylight out, but that it still feels like night time. There is
nothing like a Sammy and the Waboritas show for a good party. The Cabo Wabo
was flowing and the music was fantastic. Jimmy Buffett used to rule the
Tweeter Center here in Massachusetts, but there is a new champion of
summer.....Sammy Hagar.
See you in Cabo....

Mike Martinous
Providence, RI


What A Show!!!! Simply Amazing. I've seen Sammy a half dozen times and he gets better and better each time. The energy he brought on stage is unmatchable. He and the Waboritas lit the Tweeter Center up!! The band was as tight as ever and the show exceeded all expectations. I've been looking forward to this since last years show and it was better than I could have hoped. I miss the three hour shows but Sammy packed more in 1.5 hours than most bands can spread out over a week of shows! I'm already looking forward to the next time Sammy is in town!!! WAITRESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

Sammy You Rule!!! Thanks for another great night!!


Sammy & The Wabo's took the stage and for the next 90 minutes The Tweeter Center was one big party!!! They opened with One Way To Rock, and the pace was set for the night.The crowd was singing along with Sammy all night. I was lucky enough to be standing right in front of Sammy for the show. No one treats their fans as good as Sammy does. He signed as many autographs as possible and interacted with the crowd all night. The guy next to me gave him a black leather coat which Sammy wore for the last couple of songs, Finish What Ya Started and Heavy Metal. Some of the highlights were Eagles Fly(major goosebumps), Three Lock Box, Dreams and Right Now. Concerts just don't get any better than this. Thank you Sammy for another unforgettable show!!!

-Tony Loiacano


I saw the Sammy and Dave show here last year and was totally blown away by the Waboritas. So when I saw this show on the calendar this year I wasn't going to miss it for the world.

This band absolutely rocks the house down. Every single member is top shelf at what they do. Not to mention the best backing vocals I have ever heard. Mona especially seems to have taken it to a new level this year with her singing. I am also very impressed with Victor Johnson's bluesy style...especially his rendition of "Right Now"...the solo sounds way better bluesified. It is also a very entertaining show. I'd give anything to be in those party seats. My only disappointment was the songs they didn't play...last year's "When its Love" was an absolute thing of beauty....but I guess it wouldn't have been the same without Michael and Gary and the rest... its on the live CD I think from last year's show here, its probably worth buying just for that song.

RIGHT NOW Sammy Hagar is the best live vocalist in rock. I'm not going to mention any names but baby he blows them all away. You've got to see it to believe it.

Hey Sammy we might party during the day here, but you deserve to be playing at night! Come back next year as the feature act!

Mike LaRonde
Dedham, MA